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The Jewelry Collection with a Sincere Sentiment

Tiba Maps collection

The Tiba Maps collection Egypt AED/SAR 2,618; KSA AED/SAR 3,850; Palestine AED/SAR 3,927; and UAE 3,542 in a selection of yellow or rose gold with white or black diamonds, available at Boutique 1. Courtesy of Boutique 1

Ethical, handmade jewelry brand Tiba – meaning “kindness” in Arabic – was set up by Dana Jaber and Rasha Abdelhadi with a focus on crafting collections that cultivate a sense of belonging. The duo contribute parts of the proceeds to charities that resonate with the designers personally. They have expanded on the Palestine collection with a lineup of delicate necklaces under the title Maps. The offering now includes Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait and is available in Boutique 1. “We decided to create a jewelry piece that can serve both as a symbol of our identity,” Jaber and Abdelhadi tell Vogue Arabia. The collections “help raise some funds for the victims of war, where part of the proceeds went to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, a non-political, non-profit organization dedicated to giving medical and humanitarian help to children in the Middle East.”

With a clear cause to nurture a global community, Jaber and Abdelhadi have been surprised by the feedback received from all corners of the globe. “We did not expect the response to be as amazing as it was. Palestinians from different parts of the world reached out to us and wanted to get their hands on one of the pieces,” the two designers reflect.

“We hope these pieces will spark conversations, and discussions, and allow people to weave their own stories and memories into them,” say Jaber and Abdelhadi.

The Tiba Maps collection is now available in Boutique 1 Dubai with prices starting from AED/SAR 2,618.

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