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The Middle East Plays the Ultimate Muse for this Jewelry Label’s Exclusive Collection

Heads up, jewelry fans: celebrity-loved jewelry brand The Last Line has launched an exclusive Middle East collection. No longer will you have to longingly stare at what’s on Miley Cyrus’ and Jessica Alba’s ears: now, you can snap up all that dainty, prismatic goodness for yourself.

Shelley Sanders, the founder and creative director of the Los Angeles-grown brand wanted to take a fresh twist on everyday jewelry and hence the label was born. Expect a mix of vintage and modern investment pieces that can be mixed and layered together. “The Last Line woman plays by her own rules. I created a brand that embodies her juxtaposed lifestyle: a mix of high and low, done-up but dressed down,” she says in a post on her website.

Their exclusive Middle East collection draws inspiration from the motifs of the region. Their pieces feature a liberal sprinkle of emeralds, hearts, rubies and the ‘evil eye’, with the Middle East being their muse. Take a look at their pieces above, and you’ll understand why the brand sold an impressive 157,311 gemstones in the first 18 months after its launch.

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