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This Brand Has Revived the Overhead Abaya

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Rawan Azhar launched her career in fashion design in 2009 after showcasing her flair for abaya designs to supportive friends and family. Soon after, Azhar launched the brand Ta Marbota. On the advent of the Jeddah-based fashion house launching its new Ramadan collection—a remix of abaya and kaftan styles—the brand has unveiled its Spring 2017 collection, titled Black & White. The new season Ta Marbota look has given its signature floor-sweeping garments a twist with the additional feature of overhead abayas, a further sartorial option for aficionados of Azhar’s work. Resplendent in swathes of crepe silk and punctuated with hand embroidered accents, these understated, elegant pieces blend tradition with modernity.

The brand’s studio in Jeddah. @tamarbota/Instagram

“The harmony between [black and white] has always inspired us,” Azhar tells Vogue Arabia. “We decided to start a new line by Ta Marbota with one or two new collections every year. In these collections, we show our endless love for black and white using the language of art and designs.” The brand took inspiration from “the Khaliji women’s legacy,” shares Azhar, in a “revamping of those beautiful and simple days of our history.”

The Black & White collection is Spring 2017 and will be stocked at Ta Marbota studio, Les Foulard in Dubai, and Jo Lamede in Qatar from mid-February 2017.

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