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Exclusive: Saudi Label Yasmina Q is the New Sustainable Fashion Line You Need to Know

Yasmina Q

Yasmina Q’s debut collection, ‘Enchanted Meadows’. Courtesy of Yasmina Q

Saudi Arabia‘s ‘Vision 2030’ is an impressive strategic framework, aimed at promoting a diversified economy, a reduced dependence on oil and development in public service sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, recreation, and tourism – and in the midst of all of this, there remains a drive for female empowerment, camaraderie, and entrepreneurship.

As a result, the Kingdom has also witnessed a new wave of fashion and design initiatives, a new focus on ethical and sustainable living and an emerging youth culture that is driving an unprecedented, distinctive and exciting aesthetic: Saudi, it seems, is the place to be and be inspired by.

These prevalent societal shifts within the country are reflected in new contemporary womenswear label, Yasmina Q, by Saudi designer Yasmina Qanzal. Based out of Jeddah and London, Qanzal is exploring the idiosyncrasies of what it means to be a strong, beautiful woman today. Her main objective? To build a brand that offers “thoughtfully created womenswear” while supporting skilled communities based on proximity of materials and utilizing eco-friendly practices operated by an all-woman team.

Qanzal’s debut capsule includes this stunning puff-sleeve dress. Courtesy of Yasmina Q

All fabrics are sustainably sourced and feature FSC certified EcoVero viscose and ‘deadstock’ materials to reduce environmental impact, and by collaborating with community-based facilities, the forward-thinking Qanzal aims to keep production low to prevent wastage – fast fashion this is not. 

Yasmina Q

‘Enchanted Meadows’ by Yasmina Q. Courtesy of Yasmina Q

Beautifully shot in London by photographer Ina Lekiewicz, Qanzal’s debut capsule campaign (named ‘Enchanted Meadows’), is thoughtfully curated and composed, allowing the simple elegance of each dress to take center stage.

Yasmina Q

Enchanted Meadows by Yasmina Q. Courtesy of Yasmina Q

This intelligent focus on longevity is reflected in her designs: entirely wearable bias-cut dresses that effortlessly skim the body are investment pieces that any wardrobe would embrace. A vintage-style flora and fauna print, which takes inspiration from Qanzal’s own name (Yasmina translates to Jasmine flower in Arabic), further cements the designer’s environmental agenda and love of nature. With a debut this strong, there’s nothing holding Qanzal back.

‘Enchanted Meadows’ by Yasmina Q launches in early August

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