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Hang the Moon and Stars: 9 Celestial Products for Ramadan

Brief history lesson: Ramadan is based on the lunar cycle, which means that the sighting of a crescent moon heralds the start of the Holy Month. A new moon (hilal) marks Eid al Fitr, the celebration following a month of fasting. Its no wonder then that the crescent moon, usually paired with a star, is such a potent symbol during Ramadan. In honor of the blessed month, we compiled an edit of contemporary designs featuring the star and moon duo so that you can wear your faith. Whether you’re looking for an embellished clutch to elevate your kaftan or a set of statement earrings to wear to a special suhoor gathering, these products will add a festive touch to your Ramadan look. They also make a special gift for a loved one or host. Ahead, reach for the moon and stars with our favorite celestial jewelry, dresses, footwear, and clutches.

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