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Gemini Season 2022: 20 Gifts That Are Perfect For The Zodiac Sign

Naomi Campbell, born on May 22, 1970. Vogue Arabia, November 2018. Photo: Chris Colls

Gemini season is officially here, starting on May 21 and running on till June 21. As we step into the month of The Twins, Vogue Arabia takes you through the basics about the zodiac sign, and how you can make them feel special on their big day.

Gemini personality traits

Often depicted by a set of twins, Gemini is easily one of the spunkiest—and often most misunderstood—signs of the zodiac. As their official symbol suggests, Gemini individuals tend to have dual personalities. People born under the third sign of the zodiac bring polarizing traits together. They’re outgoing but love their personal space, they’re impulsive but can make good planners, and are extremely affectionate—until they drop a truth bomb on you that stings more than they’d thought it would. Nevertheless, there’s never a dull moment with Mercury babies, who make excellent party hosts, and have a knack for communication that few other signs can compete with. Bonus: Geminis are also exceptionally easy-going (after all, this is an air sign we’re talking about), and their adventurous streak can put a Sagittarius to shame. What’s not to love?

Famous Gemini celebrities

Given their outspoken nature, it comes as no surprise that some of the most talked-about celebrities in the world are Gemini—hi, Angelina Jolie and Kanye West! Others to be born under the air sign are designer Salvatore Ferragamo, musical legend Prince, Hollywood favorites Morgan Freeman, Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp and Nicole Kidman, Spider-Man Tom Holland, Captain America Chris Evans, supermodels Naomi Campbell, Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum, musicians Iggy Azalea and Kendrick Lamar, twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, author Salman Rushdie, and tennis pro Venus Williams.

The best birthday gifts for Gemini individuals

Let’s face it: shopping for Geminis is no easy feat. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Why not celebrate your favorite twin this moment with a sartorial picks that honor their versatility? A neon Balenciaga bag is bound to earn you brownie points, as are Fendi’s topsy-turvy metallic flats abd Saint Laurent’s half-black, half-white jacket, a nod to the sign’s inherent dual nature. As the temperature continues to climb, your Gemini sister is bound to love a summer dress like Zimmermann’s floral number, with Fry Power’s rainbow ring set to match.

Always happy to try something new, Geminis are a great sign to give not-so-basic gifts to. In the mood to experiment? Try boxing up a multicolored poker set, or indulge this sign’s inner party maniac with Pro-Ject’s sleek turntable. For times when they want to wind down, nothing will come in as handy as a Kindle.

And that’s not where the list ends. While Jo Malone’s dual perfume set promises to be a hit in every indecisive Gemini’s vanity pouch, Huda Beauty’s Mercury Retrograde works as a cheeky nod to the ongoing planetary positioning (and its bold color palette does justice to this zodiac sign’s colorful persona). Want more inspo? Start scrolling to check out 20 Vogue Arabia-approved presents for Geminis.

Bag, Balenciaga. AED 8,650

Book ends, Tom Dixon. AED 863

Bracelet, Pragnell Vintage. AED 13,070

Doormat, More Joy by Christopher Kane. AED 230

Dress, Zimmermann. AED 3,044

Eyeshadow palette Huda Beauty AED 278

Heels, Fendi. AED 5,346

Kindle, AED 699

Necklace, Charms Company. AED 13,221

Phone bag, Anya Hindmarch. AED 3,148

Poker set, L’Objet X Haas Brothers. AED 4,037

Rings, Fry Powers. AED 7,418

Sneakers, Adidas Originals. AED 486

Turntable, Pro-Ject. AED 1,464

Vase, L’Objet. AED 1,104

Bag, Jimmy Choo. AED 3,562

Phone strap, Elios. AED 486

Plate, Gucci. AED 1,436

Jacket, Saint Laurent. AED 12,950

Wood Sage Sea Salt and Peony Blush Suede mini set, Jo Malone. AED 165

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