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5 of Sherihan’s Most Iconic Ramadan Series Looks of All Time

Sherihan, Ramadan series, Egyptian actor

Egyptian actor Sherihan was a style icon ahead of her time. Photo: Instagram/@sherihanofficial

Often lauded as a star of the silver screen, Egyptian actor Sherihan is best known for her roles in various highly acclaimed Ramadan television series that thrust her into the spotlight of Arab cinema in the eighties and nineties. Not only was the triple-threat actor, singer, and dancer a legendary performer ahead of her time, but also a fashion visionary that forever left her mark on future generations of Arabs and their sartorial choices.

Sherihan’s first appearance on the Ramadan show The Bride of the Seas in 1985 cemented her place on the timeless style icon list with dazzling multi-hued and sequin-encrusted ensembles while her ornate headpieces and elaborate jewelry collections on the 1986 series The Proverb Riddles were repeated scene-stealers.

One of the most popular and successful Ramadan serials to date, Hawl al-Alam (Around the World) redefined opulence with larger-than-life productions complete with catchy dance numbers and extravagant costumes. Almost a decade later, Sherihan demonstrated that bigger is still better with grandiose gowns adorned with crystals on Hagat wa Mehtagat (Things and Needs), helping viewers relive the nostalgia of an era bygone for years to come.

Scroll down below for a look at our pick of Sherihan’s most memorable onscreen style moments throughout her iconic career.

1001 Nights “The bride of the seas” 1985

1001 Nights “The Proverb Riddles” 1986

Around the World 1987

1001 Nights “Fatima، Karima & Halima” 1988

Things & Needs 1994

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