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Seven Inspiring Women From the Region Wear Cartier’s Iconic Collections

Draped in Cartier’s iconic collections, seven women from the region celebrate their journeys, just as Vogue Arabia celebrates its seventh anniversary.

Bold. Fierce. Timeless. Original. Sophisticated. Iconic. These are just some of the ways to describe the impact Cartier has had over time. Weaving together a deep-rooted sense of love for love itself, for the duality between the ordinary and the unexpected, and for the holy trinity of form, function and flair, the maison has consistently surpassed conventional expectations of jewelry design and manufacture to become a cultural force itself.

As we celebrate Vogue Arabia’s seventh year, what better way to recognize the impact of seven years of boundary-pushing inspiration than to shine a light on those breaking barriers geographically, culturally and professionally – those who embody Cartier’s own values of diversity and transformation?

Here, we honor seven women doing just that, while they don pieces from Cartier’s iconic collections.

Sarah AlHashimi

cartier iconic collections

Juste un clou earrings in yellow gold, Juste un clou bracelets in yellow and white gold, Just un clou rings in yellow gold with diamonds, Baignoire de Cartier watch in yellow and rose gold, Cartier Fine Jewelry; dress, Good American at Ounass. Photo: Sandra Chidiac

Representing all that is original is Emirati filmmaker, Sarah AlHashimi. To her, originality is “about daring to weave narratives that resonate uniquely with our experiences, traditions, and perspectives, while also pushing boundaries to introduce fresh perspectives to the world stage.” Her documentaries have won regional awards, affirming her as a force not to be underestimated in the industry.

Mariam Saleh Bin Laden

cartier iconic collections

Clash earrings, necklace, rings, and bracelet in rose gold with diamonds, Cartier Fine Jewelry; jacket, Wardrobe NYC. Photo: Simonas Berukstis

Mariam Saleh Bin Laden is a multifaceted Saudi woman who epitomizes a sense of Duality. A dentist, philanthropist, and endurance swimmer: she made history as the first Arab woman swimmer to successfully swim from Saudi Arabia to Egypt. A record-setter for the Kingdom, Mariam hopes her work will “inspire women around the world to be fearless, push boundaries and empower themselves.”

Amna Banihashem

cartier iconic collections

Panthère de Cartier earrings in yellow gold with diamonds and emeralds, Panthère de Cartier ring and bracelet in yellow gold with onyx and emeralds, Panthère de Cartier ring in yellow gold with onyx, emeralds, and diamonds, Cartier Fine Jewelry; dress, Solace London. Photo: Sandra Chidiac

“Fierce” is likely the only way to describe Amna Banihashem. She is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist, as well as an internationally recognized equestrian show-jumper. Having endured injuries that would easily have deterred her from ever riding again, her story is one of resilience. “Like the bond between rider and horse, I want my legacy to be a symbol of trust, loyalty, and the pursuit of greatness,” she says.


cartier iconic collections

Love earrings in yellow and white gold, Love stud earring in yellow gold, Love necklace in white gold with diamonds, Love bracelets in white gold, Love rings in yellow and rose gold with diamonds, Cartier Fine Jewelry; dress, Fendi. Photo: Brian Higgs

For Saudi singer TamTam (born Reem Altamimi), being iconic means one thing: “being comfortable in my own skin.” More than a talented musician, she’s an industry game changer: navigating Saudi Arabia’s musical landscape with a sense of purpose and conviction, and building perception-shifting bridges between East and West as she bases herself between Los Angeles and Riyadh.

Fatima Alhashmi

cartier iconic collections

Trinity earrings, necklace and rings in yellow, rose, and white gold, Cartier Fine Jewelry; jumpsuit, Victoria Beckham. Photo: Sandra Chidiac

When it comes to defining timelessness, Emirati opera singer Fatima Alhashmi is an undeniable example. As she works to canonize the Arabic language firmly among the great classics, Fatima is a reminder that true impact extends beyond the self. For her, “by contributing to the evolution and preservation of the art of opera,” she aims to “pass the beauty of it to the next generation, now and forever.”

Amina Taher

Grain de Café earrings, necklace and rings in yellow and white gold with diamonds, Cartier Fine Jewelry; dress, Rasario. Photo: Sandra Chidiac

In a corporate world where the unique value of women’s leadership is frequently underestimated, Amina TaherEmirati airline executive and accomplished businesswoman – stands as a symbol of sophistication. For her, legacy-building is about “inspiring young women from the region” – including her daughter – “to embrace the spirit of Arab culture at a global scale.”

Tima Shomali

cartier iconic collections

Panthère de Cartier earrings and necklace in white gold with emerald, onyx, and diamonds, Cartier Fine Jewelry; jacket, pants, Raey at Matches Fashion. Photo: Sandra Chidiac

For Jordanian producer, director, and writer, Tima Shomali, being bold is the only way of being. It lies in “creating your own path with your own rules, and not having to follow rules that others created with no questions asked,” she explains. With this spirit of self-belief and a Netflix hit series behind her, Tima is setting her own standards in the film and television industry and beyond.

Individually, these women are icons in the making in their own right. Together – echoing the collective excellence of maison de Cartier –  they represent the power of commitment to authenticity in today’s world.

For Sarah AlHashimi, Amna Banihashem, Fatima Alhashmi, Amina Taher, Tima Shomali
Photography: Sandra Chidiac 
Style: Daniela Correia
Hair: Deborah Aguera Mehsem
Makeup: Sara Yunis
Manicure: Mina Ueda
Style assistant: Dominique Jackson
Makeup assistant: Hamta Babaei

For TamTam
Photography: Brian Higgs 
Style: Mari Siviakova 
Hair: Samantha Fryling 
Makeup: Nicole Walmsley  
Manicure: Jolene Brodeur 

For Mariam Saleh bin Laden
Photography: Simonas Berukstis 
Style: Caitlin Moon Curran 
Hair: Efi Davies
Makeup: Marie Bruce  
Photography assistant: Courtney Campbell

Producers: Danica Zivkovic, Rama Naser
Production: Dinika Govender
Production assistant: Amira Hached

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