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How Iranian Actor Sepideh Moafi’s Golden Globes Dress Paid Tribute to the Victims of the Iranian Revolution


Award show red carpets have long been familiar with celebrities making statements that go beyond style, and Iranian-American actor Sepideh Moafi did just that last night. At the 80th Golden Globes on Tuesday, the star paid a sartorial tribute to the lives lost and at risk of capital punishment amid the protests in Iran.

The actor, who is known for playing Gigi Ghorbani in The L Word: Generation Q and Lauren McCauley in Black Bird, wore a sequined gown adorned with an oversized red poppy flower at the hip, both created by Iranian-American designer Amir Taghi. The rosette featured many names of the martyrs who protested against Mahsa Amini‘s tragic death, written in Persian calligraphy by Haus of Milad. “The dress has many stories, but the most important of which is this flower, which represents a blooming new Iran during this revolution,” Moafi said.


On Instagram, Taghi shared that it was an “absolute honor” to have Moafi wearing the poignant piece. “We will remember you as our heroes forever,” he added. The designer behind Haus of Milad also took to the platform to convey his thoughts. “Feeling an abundance of emotions that I’m having difficulty processing. Namely gratitude and grief,” he wrote. “It warms my heart to witness it resonate with so many. I wish I never had to write these names down. So many that shared last names. So many about whom we had written and shared posts… Attempted to save from execution… Artists, journalists, musicians, teachers, students, chefs, bloggers, designers, doctors, children, teenagers, brothers, sisters, friends, mothers, fathers… Real humans. Revolutionary heroes that history will remember and honor forever.”

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