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Saudi Streetwear Label Hindamme’s New Collection Offers a Chromatic Tribute to Earth

Some clothes are a whisper, others are proverbially loud. The new collection from Hindamme – self-taught designer Mohammed Khoja’s streetwear brand – hits a sweet spot. As the spring/summer transition happily dictates, the colors are fresh and with a bite. Lime green, tangy orange, and dégradé sunsets are featured across wide lapel jackets; with cool Scandinavian blues or pulsating oranges, there’s a view of the sky no matter the location. There’s also a swirling mass in gaslit colors. It’s in fact the science of color theory with integrating motifs highlighting Mother Nature’s beauty. “Season 5 is autobiographical,” states Khoja. “It investigates the deeper connections in life – our relationship to our families, communities, and planet.” Padded nylon shirts, hoodies, a Tencel bowling shirt, and wool cashmere varsity jacket bring eye to earth, while a striped mesh and velvet dress is a sensual nod to the animal world.

Photo: Courtesy of Hindamme

Photo: Courtesy of Hindamme

The name Hindamme references an Arabic term meaning, “To possess perfect form in harmony in aesthetics.” Ideas are ever evolving. Khoja continues his quest with each collection. He aims to create a narrative to Middle Eastern design that is universal and contemporary. He also isn’t afraid to look back to move forward. His last collection, Al Ula, in collaboration with Saudi music and arts festival Winter at Tantora, featured a fabric story that dove into the ancient desert Kingdom belonging to the Nabataean civilization. It rendered cloth in silk velvets, with golden pleats and Greco-Roman style embroidery. Khoja’s wider team of textile experts created custom brocades and embroideries illustrating inscriptions and art of the ancient Nabataean civilization bringing them into the here and now.

Photo: Courtesy of Hindamme

Originally published in the June 2022 issue of Vogue Arabia

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