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Saudi Cup 2022: Everything to Know About the Traditional Dress Code


There’s plenty of anticipation building around the start of the Saudi Cup, which will take place on February 25-26 this year. In about two weeks’ time, some of the world’s fastest horses will descend in Saudi Arabia, vying for the £26 million prize. Alongside the fact that the competition will be totally action-packed, we will also see a lot of the Kingdom’s heritage showcased with pride.

Past editions of the world’s richest horse event have seen attendees dressed in the best of local designers, and this year is set to be no different. The dress code and etiquette listed on the website, of course, spotlights the general requirement for guests to dress modestly. While women will not need to cover their heads, it is advised that they wear full-length clothing with their arms covered.

The Fashion Commission of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture has also encouraged all attendees to celebrate Saudi culture by dressing in styles inspired by the traditional heritage of the Kingdom. This particular dress code also found artistic expression via illustrator Norah Sahman, and Saudi heritage fashion expert Dr Laiba Albassam. Sahman took to Instagram to express her excitement about her involvement with the Cup, saying, “It was a great honor to create the illustrations that inspired the Saudi Cup dress code, commissioned by the Fashion Commission at the Ministry of Culture @mocsaudi to highlight Saudi heritage fashion. Creatively I’ve long been inspired by Saudi heritage fashion pieces and love to take the time to document our culture through drawings. As I am inspired by Saudi’s rich fashion culture, I hope you are too!

Excited to see what attendees wear to the Saudi Cup this year? You won’t have to wait long now. Scroll through the Instagram post below for more details on the unique dress code.


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