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How Saudi Arabian-South Korean Entrepreneur Zainab Alblushi Nurtures Her Dual Heritage


Zainab Alblushi wearing a dress from her online store, Eleure. Photo: Real Tone Pictures

Back to her Roots

Zainab Alblushi was born in Scotland, and went to school in Saudi Arabia, where she also completed a degree in information technology. She then decided to become closer to her Korean roots through learning the language and doing her graduate studies in South Korea, where she now lives. An early riser who begins her day at 7am, she ensures 10 minutes of playtime with her two cats, rescues Kiwi and Sangeo. Next is a bike ride to gym, before another productive day at a nearby library or café. “Where I work influences my energy and productivity,” she says. Captivated with the contrasting aesthetics of her two favorite places, Alblushi appreciates Seoul’s fast, high-tech, and easily accessible lifestyle, while she finds balance on the peaceful and serene Jeju Island to the south of the country, which is celebrated for its untouched nature.


Alblushi in a design from her Eleure. Photo: Real Tone Pictures

Finding her Niche

Favoring a soothing aesthetic of neutral hues and a minimalist aura, Alblushi takes her audience on a daily journey of her life in Seoul via her vlogs. The 30-year-old left a career in information technology to mark her presence as an influencer, with an unfiltered approach that captivates her audience of 264,000 YouTube subscribers. With her relaxed composure, Alblushi offers calm and inspiring content with a focus on fashion and beauty. “My approach is basically being me and showing my daily life,” she explains. “It’s always interesting to see how people view me and my content. It makes me learn more about myself.”


Pieces from Alblushi’s jewelry collection. Photo: Real Tone Pictures

Art of Expression

Alblushi’s style is inspired by accents of her mother’s style in the 1990s and actors playing wealthy characters in Korean dramas. Emphasizing the importance of comfort, she avoids layering and likes to keep it simple through consistent colors and fabrics. That is why she appreciates dresses and matching co-ords, which are uplifted with simple twists and folds. A go-to shopping stop is Cos. “My current daily look is wide cotton pants and a long sleeve cardigan,” she says of her winter wardrobe dressing. Avoiding tedious accessorizing, she wears a pair of simple earrings, an essential to her everyday look. “I have been wearing the same gold earrings since I was six,” she shares. Alblushi also still holds on to some of her mother’s long coats from the 90s as wintertime staples she likes to pair with long boots.


Alblushi in a design from her Eleure. Photo: Real Tone Pictures

K-Beauty Days and Nights

Newly influenced by the South Korean half of her identity, Alblushi has practised a strict skincare regimen ever since she was young. She doesn’t start the day without cleansing her face and applying toner, eye cream, an under-eye patch, sunscreen, and facial mist. “My night routine is pretty much the same, but I use a sheet mask instead of suncreen,” she shares, before teasing a skincare project she’s been formulating, to be shared as soon as it is ready.


Her neutral palette includes accessories from Chanel and Gucci. Photo: Real Tone Pictures

Mother’s Daughter

Following developing herself as a social media influencer, Alblushi also recently launched Eleure, an online fashion store that offers Korean style pieces for Saudi women. Her perseverance is fueled by her favorite piece of advice, “Never limit your goal by trying to be realistic,” she says. She explores different corners of creativity, anchored by memories with her mother. She is fascinated with painting, a hobby she picked up from doing it with her mother as a child. She also finds herself compelled to work on her talent in sewing – looking back on the days when her mother used to make all her dresses by hand.

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