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How the Luxury Design House of Sabyasachi is Bringing India’s Rich Heritage to the World

Rooted in craftsmanship, art, and authenticity, Sabyasachi luxury design house brings the rich heritage of India to a global audience.

Chandelier earrings in gold with diamonds, emeralds, and tourmalines, Sabyasachi; dress, Kristina Fidelskaya. Photo: Mann

Indian culture is often known for its exuberance and flair, from iconic Bollywood movies to show-stopping and opulent saris that designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s brides wear to three-day mega weddings.

Mukherjee is unequivocally Indian in his namesake label’s designs, which is reflected in his jewelry as well, with the first collection debuting in 2017. As a brand that puts a major focus on authenticity and traditional craftsmanship and regularly pays homage to its roots, Sabyasachi has taken much of India, the Middle East, and even the western world by storm with its designs and jewelry.

Uncut diamond earrings and necklace, necklace with diamonds, rubellite and pearls, dress, belt, Sabyasachi; headpiece, Marmar Halim. Photo: Mann

For little over two decades of operation, the House of Sabyasachi has refused to waver its South Asian heritage and its qualities of traditionalism and meticulous craftsmanship as it grew exponentially to cater to celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, and in major transcultural collaborations with Christian Louboutin. Today, Sabyasachi is revered as the face of modern Indian couture.

Earrings in gold with diamonds, emeralds, and pearls, choker in gold with diamonds, yellow sapphires, and pearls, dress, Sabyasachi; veil, stylist’s own. Photo: Mann

As for high jewelry, Sabyasachi Jewellery has one clear goal in mind: to introduce the world to beautifully crafted Indian pieces. Sensing a loss of direction for the art of creating Indian jewelry, Sabyasachi is reviving age-old crafts and techniques of jewelry making by modernizing and innovating, while creating an ode to the craft. Mukherjee has always been an innovator. “In my late teens I started a tiny side hustle where I made costume jewelry with beads and glass and feathers and stone,” he says.

Choker in gold with diamonds and emeralds, Sabyasachi; dress, Maison Yeya. Photo: Mann

The Sari is another Indian heritage piece that Sabyasachi holds dear to his heart. By launching Save the Sari, Sabyasachi promotes a model of economic sustainability for local craftspeople and artisan communities in the designer’s hometown of Kolkata and beyond in India.

Earrings and necklace in gold with diamonds and rubies, Sabyasachi; headpiece, Marmar Halim. Photo: Mann

Sabyasachi is, unmistakably, the pioneering Indian brand that has left its mark globally and bridges the gap between couture, high fashion, and local craftsmanship between India and the world.

Necklace in gold with diamonds and tourmalines, dress, Sabyasachi; veil, stylist’s own. Photo: Mann

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