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Life in Looks: Tunisian Model Rym Saidi on Her Favorite Fashion Moments

Tunisian model and presenter Rym Saidi reflects on her favorite fashion moments that embrace individuality and vibrancy.

“I was styled by Cedric Haddad for the Cannes Film Festival red carpet in this Sara Mrad gown with Chopard jewelry. As soon as I saw the picture of the dress, I knew it was the one. I wanted something different, that would make all the photographers clamor to take a photo of the look. One that can’t pass without being noticed.”

“I wore this during Milan Fashion Week for the Fendi show. Honestly, it was not my style at all. I was really worried about this look when it was sent to me. But I decided to try something new, and I was surprised at its success, with all the media talking about it. In fact, people still talk about it.”

“One of my favorite red carpet looks, I wore this Georges Hobeika dress during the first edition of the Red Sea film festival. With the long cape, I felt like a queen on the red carpet – it was perfect for the occasion and the location.”

“I wore this Fendi dress and Virginie.O hat to the Dubai World Cup with a little help from Cedric Haddad. I felt different in it as it was the first time I wore a Hatinator for an event – it made me look very elegant and caught everyone’s attention.”

“I just love suits. They make me feel confident and strong. And one of my favorites is this one from Max Mara that I wore during Milan Fashion Week.”

“This is my official wedding dress by Georges Hobeika. When Georges asked me how I envisioned my wedding dress to be, I told him he was the artist and I trusted his taste. The only thing I suggested is a cape with traditional cues. It turned out exactly like I expected it to.”

“For our civil marriage in Milan in 2017, I chose a simple dress from the Georges Hobeika collection. The dress was originally long but we decided to make it short for the event.”

Compiled by Sangeetha Sagar

Originally published in the April 2023 issue of Vogue Arabia

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