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The Italian Jewelry House Championing Exclusivity and Ethical Craftsmanship with its Unique Designs

Princess Flower collection. Photo: Courtesy of Roberto Coin

Italian jewelry house Roberto Coin has been redefining exclusivity by setting itself a distinguished jewelry identity which includes championing ethical craftsmanship. Handcrafted by artisans, this brand taps into the imagination of its Italian designer, Roberto Coin, and translates it into alluring and timeless pieces.

Founded in 1996, Coin’s first collection, Appassionata, featured an unusual ruby signature that instantly marked the brand’s unique identity—one that prioritized diversity and unthematic designs. Despite the brand’s non-replicable creations, this ruby signature persisted throughout, with a story to tell about the exciting journeys that inspire every piece. Believing that a standard theme for the collection would wipe away the creativity of the designer’s input, Roberto Coin’s mission is to create pieces that empower and bring out every woman’s beauty. “It has never been my goal to be recognized through the use of my designs with similar, thematic characteristics that make them recognizable at first glance; that would have been too easy,” Coin revealed.

Roberto Coin. Photo: Courtesy of Roberto Coin

Worn by several celebrities on the red carpet, Roberto Coin’s collection covers a range of bangles, necklaces, charms, and rings with occasional incorporations of precious stones and crystals like amethyst and pearls for a contemporary twist. “From the first steps that I took in this amazing field, I’ve always wanted Roberto Coin to be an eccentric entity, born in an unusual way and definitely unlike anyone else in both personality and objective,” Coin adds.

Love in Verona collection. Photo: Courtesy of Roberto Coin

The Love in Verona Collection was mainly inspired by the Italian city of Verona, illustrating the city’s romantic atmosphere as it stages Shakespeare’s literature Romeo and Juliette. The symbolistic collection embraces three shades of gold, repetitively mentioning the brand’s four-petal diamond flower in reflection of Arena of Verona’s architectural structure. Every diamond in the collection was individually added by hand through a microscope, with the gold polished in a  satin finish.

Belonging to the brand’s Princess collection, the Princess Flower introduces condensed assemblies of small diamonds to illustrate the signature flower in bloom. A characteristic twisted wire was used to elegantly portray a frame carrying the flower, with shades of gold and precious stones adorned throughout. Manually assembled piece by piece, every flower was created by 3D technology, with perfectly proportionate internal and external layouts.

Princess Flower collection. Photo: Courtesy of Roberto Coin

Aiming to offer a new experience every time, the Italian jewelry house launches five new collections every year and is housed in over 1,000 boutiques located in 60 countries all around the world. “My vision is the same as when I began, a vision that guarantees a more dynamic and curious future and, above all, a future capable of surprising again and again,” Coin says.

Love in Verona collection. Photo: Courtesy of Roberto Coin

Best known for being one of the members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Roberto Coin’s business practices meet the benchmark standard for ethical operations and mechanisms. The jewelry house also purchases its polished diamonds exclusively from ethical sources subscribed to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and The System of Warranties, which are international systems of certifications and warrantees that ensure the diamond’s freedom of conflict throughout its supply chain.

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