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A Closer Look At Rihanna’s Vast Collection Of Vintage Handbags

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Whether it’s a rare ’80s Jean Paul Gaultier piece or a ’90s Chanel coat in bubblegum pink, it’s no secret that Rihanna is a vintage obsessive. That certainly applies to her vast handbag collection, which is packed full of rare gems that only the keenest of eyes will have picked up on.

Case in point: the megastar stepped out with a Tom Ford-era Gucci bag from spring/summer 1996 earlier this month, which was sourced from archivist Lab2022 and covered in the designer’s iconic python print. It’s not the first time RiRi has sported Tom Ford’s Gucci designs either, with her ’90s velvet monogrammed bag being a wardrobe staple.

Rihanna with a Tom Ford-era Gucci bag slung over her shoulder in August 2022. Photo: Getty

Vintage Dior is another favorite. Rihanna has several of the French fashion house’s iconic saddle bags in her collection, including one in camo print that she sported with a maternity crop top earlier this year, as well as a Noughties tie-dye version. Rather than just sticking to classic styles in easy-to-match neutrals, the singer gravitates towards rare collectors’ items, such as the brand’s bowling bag, again in a camo print, dating back to the early 2000s.

The same can be said for Rihanna’s growing assortment of vintage Fendi bags, too. In March, the beauty mogul added the brand’s rare Squirrel Spy bag in velvet to her collection, which also includes the iconic Croissant shape, sourced from Vintage By Misty. She’s also been spotted with a number of limited-edition Louis Vuitton bags, such as the LV X Stephen Sprouse Pochette bag, as well as the brand’s 1998 soccer ball-shaped purse created to commemorate the World Cup.

Rihanna carrying a Tom Ford-era velvet monogrammed bag dating back to the ’90s in July 2021. Photo: Getty

The megastar with a vintage Fendi Croissant bag in April 2021. Photo: Getty

Ensuring she’s got all bases covered, RiRi owns a number of vintage Chanel accessories too, including a tangerine terry-cloth camera bag dating to the ’90s, as well as a rare velvet quilted box bag that she was first spotted with back in 2012.

At the UEFA Champions League in 2019 with her vintage Louis Vuitton soccer bag, first made to commemorate the 1998 World Cup. Photo: Getty

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