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Inside Rami Kadi’s Spectacular Fashion Showcase in AlUla

On the evening of April 19, Lebanese designer Rami Kadi made history by becoming the first Arab designer to partner with AlUla moments, treating a selection of special guests to a one-of-a-kind, open air show in the midst of the ancient Arabic oasis city’s mountain-fringed grounds.

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Titled “Les Miroirs,” Kadi’s spring/summer 2024 line blurred the lines between high fashion and the raw, unadulterated beauty of AlUla. A collection of 40 stunning ensembles, the “Les Miroirs” also included 10 looks that were specifically designed keeping this milestone moment in mind. Taking inspiration from AlUla’s natural landscape, rich heritage, and architectural marvels such as Maraya, the world’s largest mirrored building, which sits in the Ashar Valley, Kadi offered up holographic gowns and sculptural dresses — made using recycled plastics, shattered glass, and more — that reflected the setting sun in the most spectacular ways.


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Along with looks that emulated mirrors and shattered glass, Kadi’s special showcase also featured colorful numbers in bursts of pinks, greens and blues, intricately embellished looks that blended elegance with cheekiness, and sharp silhouettes in unexpected combinations — think shimmering blazers with shorts, or cropped off-shoulder blouses with billowing capes. And then there were the bridal gowns, frothy and free-spirited, sparkling and bright. Inspired by the flora of AlUla, each of Rami Kadi’s wedding gowns was a moment of its own.

To complement the thoughtfully curated collection, Kadi chose to go for statement pieces in silver and gold, created in collaboration with Madrasat Addeera, AlUla’s creative arts centre that teaches handicrafts to local women in an effort to promote self-sufficiency and regional traditions. Today, Madrasat Addeera is a well-known facet of AlUla’s AlJadidah Arts District, and offers workshops that range from jewelry making to embroideries and ceramics. Along with this, the event also did its bit to give back, by dedicating a portion of the collection’s sales to the preservation of the Arabian leopard, which is native to the region.

rami kadi


Given the weight of this moment in Rami Kadi’s fashion career, friends and well-wishers from all over the region made sure to sit front row to cheer the creative on. On the starry guest list were the likes of Najwa Karam, Dorra Zarrouk, Mila AlZahrani, Nojoud Alrumaihi, and Lama Alakeel, almost all of whom were dressed in eye-catching looks by the designer. Fresh off the success of his show, Kadi chats with Vogue Arabia about his journey so far, and the day that was.

You are the first Arab designer to partner with AlUla moments. What inspired this decision?

Partnering with AlUla for this collection was an inspired decision rooted in the region’s unparalleled blend of historical significance, natural beauty, and cultural richness. AlUla’s landscape, characterized by ancient petroglyphs, striking rock formations, and lush oases, provided a captivating source of inspiration unlike any I had encountered before. The SS24 collection draws deeply from AlUla’s unique characteristics, serving as a homage to its mystical allure. Every aspect of the collection, from the cuts and embroideries to the patterns and colors, is infused with the essence of AlUla’s landscape. By translating the region’s historical richness and natural beauty into couture pieces, the collection seeks to encapsulate the timeless allure of AlUla, making it the driving force behind my creative vision. Collaborating with AlUla moments allowed me to share this vision with a broader audience, showcasing the beauty and cultural richness of the region to the world, in addition to adding a unique element to the gowns.
Tell us about your showcase in AlUla. What was the inspiration behind it?
The “Les Miroirs” collection embodies the essence of AlUla in every detail, from the intricate designs to the desert-inspired color palette. Through this showcase, we paid tribute to the region’s heritage while celebrating its enduring spirit and beauty.
What attracted you to AlUla?
AlUla’s rich heritage, stunning landscapes, and cultural richness were what attracted me to the region. Its timeless allure and unique characteristics served as a captivating source of inspiration for my latest collection “Les Miroirs”.
Can you share your first memory with fashion with us? When did you realize you had a passion for this field?
My earliest memory with fashion goes back to my childhood, where I would often find myself exploring my mother’s closet, fascinated by the array of fabrics and textures. I have always been drawn to creativity, spending hours sketching dresses and experimenting with different materials. It was during these moments that I realized my passion for fashion and knew that it was a path I wanted to pursue.
Of all the pieces you showcased in AlUla today, do you have any favorite? Which one is it and why?
Among all the pieces we showcased in AlUla, my favorite is a beige pink dress made from crepe georgette. This look is special to me because of the intricate macramé technique used in it. What makes it truly unique is the application of vector graphics patterns, which is a new technique in tailoring. This combination of traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques results in a piece that perfectly captures the essence of my vision for the collection.
As a Lebanese creative, how do you feel about the progress designers in the region have made globally?
As a Lebanese designer, I’m thrilled by the global recognition that the talented designers from our region have achieved. It’s inspiring to see our unique talents making waves in the international fashion scene.
Can you tell us more about the venue and decor of your show this time? What set it apart from previous shows?
Our show this time was set against the breathtaking backdrop of AlUla’s landscape, celebrating its unique charm and cultural heritage. The venue itself is a reflection of this, incorporating the shapes and colors of AlUla’s stones into the decor. What sets it apart from previous shows is the seamless fusion of natural elements with contemporary design, creating a truly immersive experience for the audience. Everything from the stage to the entrance walls was branded with pale gold and earthy tones, mirroring the colors of the desert and adding to the ambiance of the event.
Finally, what’s next for Rami Kadi?
Moving forward, Maison Rami Kadi is poised for ongoing innovation and growth. Our commitment to creativity, craftsmanship, and sustainability remains steadfast as we embark on new ventures, forge partnerships, and collaborate globally. Moreover, we eagerly anticipate unveiling our Fall/Winter 24/25 collection, underscoring our persistent drive to challenge conventions and maintain our relevance in the fashion landscape.

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