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Three Ramadan Collections to Round Out Your Holy Month Wardrobe

We may be in the last stretch of Ramadan (there’s one week left), but the iftar and suhoor invitations are showing no signs of letting up. Chances are you’re running out of embellished kaftans and festive abayas to carry you through the remaining gatherings, which means it’s time to take stock of your Holy Month wardrobe.

Read on to discover three Ramadan 2018 collections we’re coveting. Ready, steady, shop.

Aya Tabari, Mochi

Courtesy of The Modist.

The Palestinian creative director of All Things Mochi, Aya Tabari, is known for using embroidery savoir-faire, and her Ramadan 2018 collection is no different. The henna-inspired creations, which draw inspiration from the Middle East, are entirely handcrafted by artisans. Our favorite piece? This printed, button-down dress with miniature hand-print motifs.

“This piece, and the Mochi Ramadan collection for Modist, is a visual representation of my upbringing in the Middle East. I partnered with the Irthi Crafts Council based in Sharjah and their artisans to symbolize what this country means to me, and I hope that reflects in the designs. The pieces are light with a sophisticated edge and are inspired by henna, the beauty ritual which is still used today by local Emirati women. The pieces are perfect for Ramadan because they are conservative, but on-trend and easy to wear.”

Rami Al Ali x Nadine Kanso

Courtesy of The Modist.

Syrian couturier Rami Al Ali collaborated with Bil Arabi’s Nadine Kanso on a striking kaftan collection made especially for the Holy Month. The range of kaftans combine Al Ali’s feminine silhouettes with Kanso’s signature calligraphy motifs. We love the canary Z yellow design with organza details on the sleeve.

“When Nadine and I were designing this piece, we wanted to enjoy something fun, eclectic and especially that Ramadan is coinciding with the beginning of the summer. It was a good opportunity to stretch the spring a bit longer by making the rose (the symbol of spring) the focal point of the entire collection,” says Al Ali. “We also wanted to play around with fluid fabrics that have strong vibrant colors that are suitable for day, and lurex lame that is great for suhoor nights. Kaftans are the most appropriate outfits for Ramadan, but rather than create something that felt very traditional and old-school, we really wanted to modernize the look while keeping tradition in mind”.

Dima Ayad

Courtesy of The Modist.

If you are looking for Ramadan-appropriate evening attire that will transition you flawlessly into Eid, you’ll undoubtedly favor Dima Ayad‘s contemporary range of asymmetrical kaftans, punctuated with metallic accents for that requisite oomph.

“As a designer, I love pink ­for every season, and for this piece I incorporated a metallic touch to the kaftan that makes it the perfect summer piece, and special enough for Ramadan too,” says Ayad. “In this design, I loved the contrast of merging a pastel pink, perfect for the holy tranquil time of Ramadan, with a splash of silver to make it ideal for evening – it’s a kaftan that balances opulence and comfort at the same time. I designed this piece with the modest woman in mind specifically – she’s a balance of elegance, refinement, and unique style, so this kaftan is an ideal fit for the way she dresses.”

All pieces are available for purchase online at

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