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Did You Miss This Romantic Message Hidden in Rajwa Al-Saif’s Engagement Abaya?


Earlier this month, the world came together to celebrate a very special moment for the royal family of Jordan: the engagement of the son of Queen Rania Al Abdullah and King Abdullah II, Prince Hussein. In case you missed it, the royal is now all set to marry Rajwa Al-Saif, a 28-year-old Saudi native who holds a graduate degree from the College of Architecture at Syracuse University.


The happy news was shared on Instagram via Queen Rania’s official Instagram page, and while got busy showering the much-loved queen with congratulations and well wishes, many couldn’t look away from the elegant ensemble the bride-to-be wore in her first pictures as Prince Hussein’s fianceé. A beaming Rajwa Al-Saif positively glowed as she stood alongside her future husband, dressed in a dreamy white abaya doused in intricate gold embellishment. The light-as-air piece was paired with a soft green head scarf and cinched in at the waist with a bold gold belt, which we now know was a piece borrowed from Al-Saif’s mother-in-law-to-be, Queen Rania herself.

Queen Rania wearing the same belt at Jordan’s Independence Day event in 2019

The look, both timeless yet age-appropriate, was quick to catch everyone’s attention, and has been confirmed as a bestseller from the archives of Orient 499, the Lebanese label that prides itself on its dedication to sustainability, and spotlighting local craftsmanship.

“The abaya Rajwa Al-Saif wore is crafted from a rare handwoven fabric made with silk and linen threads,” co-founder Frank Luca revealed to Vogue Arabia. “The front and the back of the abaya are hand embroidered with sequins and beads in our atelier by our artisans. The intricate hand embroidery takes about three weeks to produce. The design was conceived by my co-founder and fashion designer Aida Kawas in 2013, and due to its popularity, we have reproduced it but in limited quantities. The attention to detail as well as the lightness of the fabric made this item a bestseller, and it has been produced a few times ever since its creation in 2013, but for a total number of 12 pieces throughout the years.”


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The romantic message you missed in Rajwa Al-Saif’s abaya design

Look closer at Rajwa Al-Saif’s elegant abaya, and you’ll notice a special message hidden in the details. On the back of the bride-to-be’s abaya sit two gold birds that seem to share a body. “The birds represent our brand, and this is a motif often found in our designs, be it objects or clothing,” Luca elaborated. “The two birds on the back represent two lovers united with the continuation of their chest.” It’s safe to say that the romantic meaning behind the embroidery on Al-Saif’s outfit made it the ideal choice for the occasion. Below, take a closer look at the Orient 499 abaya that’s had everyone talking.

Photo: Courtesy Orient 499

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