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The Meaningful Details in HM Queen Rania and HRH Princess Rajwa’s Silver Jubilee Dresses

HM Queen Rania and HRH Princess Rajwa Al-Hussein’s bespoke looks for HM King Abdullah II’s silver jubilee were full of meaning.

rania rajwa silver jubilee

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On Sunday, HM Queen Rania, HRH Princess Rajwa Al-Hussein, and other members of the Jordanian royal family celebrated the silver jubilee of HM King Abdullah II at Raghadan Palace. The national event marking the 25th year of his reign featured a grand military parade and saw participation from over 8,000 people from various ranks and backgrounds. HRH Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah and Princess Rajwa also took the occasion to make their first official public appearance together since announcing that they are expecting a child.


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After showcasing her baby bump for the first time via a portrait celebrating her wedding anniversary, Princess Rajwa stepped out in another red dress on Sunday. Her bespoke gown was designed by fellow Saudi Honayda Serafi’s namesake label, and featured many meaningful details. While the mother-to-be paid homage to her Saudi roots by enlisting the designer, the dress itself celebrated Jordan, from its deep red color to the geometric embroidery.

The caped gown was created in the bold hue as a nod to the Hashemite dynasty, and standing for love, and loyalty to the land. A closer look at the embroidery would show that the traditional cross-stitched patterns were rendered in the colors of the Jordanian flag, as well as silver to highlight the 25th anniversary. The patterns were also brought to life by traditional Jordanian artistry combined with Honayda’s 3D techniques, with female artisans putting in 120 hours embellishing the collar and cape, and the designer’s atelier elevating it in 950 hours. “Stemming from Honayda’s belief of empowering women around the world and aiming at shedding light on fashion heritage while connecting cultures, it was an immense pleasure to be crafting with HRH Princess Rajwa Al Hussein her look for this grand event, carrying so much meaning with the arrival of the first child,” Serafi says.

As for Queen Rania, the royal paid homage to the country in her own way, opting for the grace and sophistication of minimalism in a custom gown by Jordanian designer Laith Maalouf. The white dress featured a shirt-like bodice with seven buttons representing Jordan’s seven-pointed star, and a grey bustier mirroring the concept of body armor, and symbolizing “the protection and strength that Jordan has experienced over the past 25 years.” The skirt came with multiple pleats, all adorned with hand-embroidered spikes of wheat, a detail that is significant to Jordanian heritage. “Traditionally seen in the Jordanian keffiyeh, the wheat motif symbolizes abundance and prosperity, reflecting Jordan’s agricultural legacy and cultural depth,” says the designer. “The creation of the gown was a labor of love and dedication, taking around 200 hours of meticulous work,” adds Maalouf. “From initial meetings with Her Majesty to discuss the design, through sketching, sourcing the appropriate fabrics, pattern making, sewing, and embroidery, each step was handled with the utmost care and attention to detail by skilled couturiers.”

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