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Lalla Oumaima of Morocco and Miryam Labiad’s Collaborative Jewelry Line Celebrates Women, and Moroccan Aesthetics

Diamond-studded cuffs

Mysterious, dreamy, luminous… these words can just as easily describe the moon as they can a beautiful woman. And it’s these intertwining threads that have inspired a unique new collection of jewelry by the House of Ashaha and Mimia LeBlanc.

Named Ayyur—which translates to ‘the moon’ in Berber language—the birth of this capsule jewelry collection was written in the stars. When Miryam Labiad, founder and creative director of Mimia LeBlanc met Morocco’s Lalla Oumaima, daughter of Her Royal Highness Lalla Hasnaa, the duo immediately knew that they could create magic together. Bonding over their Moroccan origins, and their love for vintage beauty and architecture, the women set about creating a jewelry line that would eventually launch on International Women’s Day as a gift to women everywhere.

Necklaces come with metal or cord chains

An ode to fertility, and to the duality of traditions and modernity that resides in every woman, Ayyur sees the marriage of two distinct aesthetics, with an unmistakable Moroccan twist. Geometric lines from Ashaha add a contemporary flavor to the mix, while Mimia LeBlanc’s precious stones add a luxe touch. The result? A series of must-haves that are as sturdy as they are sophisticated. While a combination of white, yellow and brown diamonds catch the eye, yellow gold and black rhodium bring in contrast.

Delicate earrings for special occasions

Look closely and you’ll find yourself falling in love with the finer details. While the bejeweled cuff finds itself carved with mischievous little stars, the spectrum of diamonds in use recreate the magic of the tides in a play of light and shadow. Delicate shoulder-grazing earrings echo the sensitivity of women, while chunky pendants serve as a reminder of their strength. The perfect gift? You bet.

Below, take a closer look at House of Ashaha and Mimia LeBlanc’s collaborative Ayyur jewelry collection.

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