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Vogue Preview: Amal Al Mulla’s Kaftan Collection for Symphony

To mark Ramadan 2017, Bahrain-based designer Amal Al Mulla has created a capsule collection of versatile kaftans with a clean, contemporary edge. “A relaxed vibe with hints of sophisticated femininity is what our Ramadan capsule collection is all about this year,” the designer tells Vogue Arabia. “We ensured that our brand essence is evident and translated it into a variety of luxurious kaftans that blends with the modern woman of today.”

In a color palette of soft blue, subtle white, blush, and muted green, the complementary textures of silk, suede, and linen make for a wearable line-up of key pieces primed for the Holy Month. The designer’s signature love of crafting feminine designs with edge is ever-present throughout this collection – it will prove to sit well among your armoury of Al Mulla collections from seasons past.

“The aim is to allow our clientele to incorporate the pieces into their own sense of style and to express their individuality through the versatility of each piece,” she says. “Regal pastels and earth-toned palettes were chosen along with our signature floral embellishment details to exude an opulent message of modernity, individuality, majesty, and simplicity.”

The Amal Al Mulla Ramadan 2017 collection is available at the Tasyourah event with Symphony from April 25-29 at the Annex in the Burj Khalifa. This marks the first time the brand will be showcasing in Dubai.

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