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Prada’s SS20 Collection Embraces the Paradoxical Creativity of the Modern Woman

Photographed by Kat Irlin for Vogue Arabia March 2020

Step into the light of non-conformity with Prada spring/summer 2020, which evokes a new plurality: one of a woman that is – exactly like Prada – immediately recognizable yet impossible to define. Debuting at Milan Fashion Week back in September amid the boldly-colored geometric hall of the Fondazione Prada’s Deposito, Prada’s SS20 collection strips the essence of fashion back to its purest form.

Photographed by Kat Irlin for Vogue Arabia March 2020

Championing a blend of signature silhouettes and shapes reminiscent of the sartorial world’s most infamous eras, from the 20s to the 70s and 90s, each piece is representative of a new interpretation of style that transcends time and the restrictive nature of adhering to the latest trends.

Trusting in the power of women, especially one as visionary as Miuccia Prada, the latest season from the Italian heritage house is a revolving portrait of each woman who dons one of the SS20 designs. The meaning behind and perception of every garment transforms to reflect the originality and personality of the individual wearer’s instinctual taste while still embodying the universal classicism of Prada.

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Photographed by Kat Irlin for Vogue Arabia March 2020

Simple fabrics juxtaposed with intricate embroidery create a sense of innocent wonder, from mohair pleated skirts and vibrant wool coats to fine-ribbed cashmere silk knitwear and toile fiammata dresses with velvet detailing. Statement accessories continue the paradoxical narrative with suede slippers and spazzolato loafers paired with woven leather bucket bags and wide-brimmed visors. Although the collection’s luxurious brocade and gold embellishments mimicking the colored ceramic tiles and gold-leaf decorated columns of the stage were brought to life on the runway, its indescribable glow continues to permeate into a sunlit reality.

Photographed by Kat Irlin for Vogue Arabia March 2020

No matter how, where, or when this series of one-off pieces or entire ensembles are worn, the fundamental sophistication of Prada is not forgotten in a collection that promises a mix of textures, patterns, and hues that hint at the fresh fits an Italian springtime is known to bring.

Photographed by Kat Irlin for Vogue Arabia March 2020

Originally published in the March 2020 issue of Vogue Arabia

Photography by Kat Irlin
Style by Sarah Gore Reeves
Hair by Nastya Milaeva
Makeup by Robert Greene at Honey Artists
Creative Direction Camilla Fitz-Patrick
Photography Assistant Ros Hayes
Model Alexandra Agoston at IMG

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