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Why Everyone is Talking About the Prada Poster Collection

Prada T-shirts

Prada Fall 2017. Indigital

Prada has joined the list of must-have designer T-shirts with its new Poster Girl capsule collection, inspired by the maison‘s Fall 2017 set designed by Miuccia Prada and architect Rem Koolhaas’s AMO studio. The setting for the winter show space featured posters by artist Robert E McGinnis and proved to be highly Instagrammable for the front row, emulating a typical teenage girl’s bedroom with collage cutouts, posters, and photographs hung up all over her walls. Even the fashion show itself had guests lounging on beds surrounded by walls filled with cutouts.

Prada T-shirt

Prada’s Poster Girl collection is available online now. Courtesy of Prada

While some of the T-shirts may prove to be a jot too revealing for the conservative Prada loyalists, there are key pieces that will be universally appealing for millennials and front row attendees (layered under a butter-soft leather biker jacket, perhaps?) come September’s show circuit.

Prada T-shirts

The set of the Prada Fall 2017 runway show. Indigital

Miuccia does like to lay down clues for what’s in the pipeline for the brand. And so, the Fall 2017 collection’s minidresses and skirts emblazoned with iconic pin-up images served as hint enough that a political statement about women was a-coming. As Prada shared with British Vogue backstage after the Fall 2017 show, “They are so glamorous, but they have guns.” While the new collection is poised more as a conversation-starter and dialogue about womanhood, it will also prove to be a highly wearable cornerstone of your off-duty wardrobe.

Prada T-shirt

The set of the Prada Fall 2017 runway show in Milan. Indigital

Prada boutiques in the Middle East are located in Kuwait City, Riyadh, and Abu Dhabi.

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