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How Piaget is Supporting the Artisanal Talent of Saudi Arabia’s Future Generations

Photo: Courtesy of Piaget

In celebration of Ramadan, Swiss jeweler Piaget has released a new campaign in the form of a short film. Titled Turn for the Extraordinary the film in collaboration with the Royal Commission For Al Ula unveils Piaget’s Possessions collection in Saudi Arabia’s first Unesco world heritage site. The collaboration also marks the opening of Piaget’s two new boutiques in Saudi Arabia, Faisaliah Mall in Riyadh and Khayyat Mall in Jeddah.

Captured in the historic land of Al Ula, the campaign’s story unfolds as the protagonist travels back and forth from her own reality and the heritage site, all the while brushing on notions of self-reflection, inspiration, and love. The Possessions collections seen in the video features an array of precious stones from malachite, carnelian, to turquoise stones, each telling their tale of the concept of time as they are deeply rooted in the history and culture of Piaget.

Photo: Courtesy of Piaget

What’s more, Piaget is putting itself at the forefront of championing the artisans’ talent of Saudi Arabia’s future generations. Highlighting the importance of mentorship and sustainability, Piaget has launched the Craftsmanship Scholarship Program and the Piaget competition in partnership with Geneva University of Arts and Design and Turquoise Mountain.

“In making a turn for the extraordinary, Piaget has partnered with the Royal Commission for AlUla to demonstrate the brand’s mission to preserve heritage by developing the artisanal talent of Saudi Arabia’s future generation and sustainability through the craftsmanship scholarship program,” shares Piaget’s CEO Chabi Nouri with Vogue Arabia. She adds, “The Piaget competition is in partnership with Geneva University of Art and Design to mentor Turquoise mountain school in AlUla in supporting the local community by mentoring 12 girls in creating an inspirational piece from the region’s rich history.”

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