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How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for You

Choosing a pair of sunglasses can be daunting, not to mention a big investment, so make sure to follow the below guidelines to help trick the eye into creating a more flattering aesthetic. When it comes to choosing the right pair for you, the general rule of thumb is to go for a frame that contrasts with your face shape.

If you have a rounded face with full cheeks, go for geometric frames that will sharpen soft features. Note that rectangular shapes tend to make faces appear leaner and more structured and a wider frame will draw the eye outwards. A slightly older face will lose definition on the cheekbones with age so go for a frame that pulls the eye upwards, such as a cat-eye. If you have a heart-shaped face with wide cheekbones and forehead look for a frame that is bottom-heavy and will add width to the lower part of the face, as well as skimming the cheekbones and accentuating your natural face shape. For small eyes and a heavy lower face, opt for a large rounded shape with a fine frame to soften the jawline and help shorten the overall face shape.

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