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Peach Fuzz: Color Of The Year 2024 Explained

There are few annual rituals as cherished as collectively pondering what is the color of the year 2024. And the wait has finally ended: peach fuzz has been anointed as the color of the year 2024 by global color authority Pantone. But, what is peach fuzz and how can it translate into your fashion and beauty choices this year? Here’s what you need to know.


According to Pantone, the 2024 color of the year is a “warm and cozy shade highlighting our desire for togetherness with others or for enjoying a moment of stillness and the feeling of sanctuary this creates. PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz presents a fresh approach to a new softness.” 

So, what makes peach fuzz the color of the year 2024? “At a time of turmoil in many aspects of our lives, our need for nurturing, empathy and compassion grows ever stronger as does our imaginings of a more peaceful future. The color we selected to be our Pantone Color of the Year 2024 needed to be one whose gentle lightness and airy presence lifts us into the future,” shared Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute.

The influx of peach fuzz in outfits, accessories and beauty choices is especially interesting as it serves as a palate cleanser for the saturated hues of Barbie pink that ruled 2023. Instead, this muted hue is looking to work its way into your everyday wardrobe choices. Once the remit of sleepovers and bridesmaid fashion, this hue is ready to draw up a seat at the grown-ups table with impactful co-ords for daywear and lustrous eveningwear. In the realm of beauty, this colour will be making its presence felt from peaches-and-cream makeup looks to coral-hued manicures.

Ready to invite the Pantone color of the year into your outfit, hair and makeup choices? Let’s get started. 

What color complements peach fuzz?

After viva magenta ruled 2023 as the Pantone color of the year, it is time for a refreshing break with this tranquil hue. When it comes to peach fuzz color combinations, the good news is that there are endless ways to pair it with the colors already in your wardrobe:

  • For a calming and soothing look, there are several peach fuzz color combinations to take note of. Work in the gentle notes of seafoam green and teal into an all-peach look in the form of accessories, shoes and handbags for effortless harmony.
  • Monochromatic hues make for a good companion as well. Draping a white blazer over a peachy midi dress will offer a crisp take on the color.
  • If you aren’t looking to get too experimental, you can use peach as an unobtrusive accent with colors like cream and ivory—remember the time Beyoncé added a peachy bolero to a nude corset gown? 
  • The color directly opposite on the color wheel is blue, so make the most of this complementary hue by teaming a peplum peach top with blue denims. 
  • Or if you are tired of pondering what color does peach fuzz match with, go with your gut and wear this hue as an unsaturated pop of color from head-to-toe. 
  • From fashion insiders to celebrities, everybody agrees. Rihanna took hers in the form of a leather minidress and shearling coat, while Dorra Zarrouk gravitated towards a minimalist gown with cape sleeves.



How to wear peach fuzz: Pantone color of the year 2024

Now that you are all caught up on peach fuzz color palettes, it is time to start brainstorming creative ways to invite this hue into your wardrobe. Let’s get you started:

  • The rule of thumb for styling the peach fuzz color is tapping into its versatility. 
  • Headed for a sweat sesh at the gym? Allow the warm hues of a peachy tank top to get you pumped up. 

Peached tess tank top, The Upside

  • When it’s time to clock in at work, a peachy midi dress with peplum detailing will help you effortlessly stand out in a sea of blacks, grays and navy blues in the boardroom. 

Rildanna crepe midi dress, Safiyaa

  • As day turns to dusk, you’ll want to liven up your après-hours wardrobe by dousing this hue with a healthy dose of metallics. 
  • From shimmery gowns to sequined tunics with feather detailing, the options are endless. 

Metallic zebra print maxi dress in polyester, Talbot Runhof


Asymmetric feather trimmed sequined crepe de chine tunic, Lapointe

  • Psst: Before you head out, don’t forget to take this hue into your accessories wardrobe, from stacked bracelets to beaded earrings.

Candace gold-tone beaded earrings, Cult Gaia

Colour therapy set of eight enamel and gold-tone bracelets, Roxanne Assoulin

  • The ultimate styling tip for rounding out a peach fuzz color outfit is to add some tonal matching with your footwear choices. 
  • Look for patent leather pumps on days when you stand out in a crowd or crystal-embellished mules that will guarantee all eyes on you.

Tabi monster satin bow 110 pumps, Maison Margiela

Caroline crystal-embellished satin mules, Amina Muaddi

Peach fuzz hair color: All you need to know

Now that you’ve taken notes on styling peach fuzz color, allow this cozy hue to sweep through your beauty choices as well. Dua Lipa has endless inspiration to offer on that front with a sunset-hued bob that is sure to make heads turn. 

  • If you are ready to rock peach fuzz hair color, remember to request your hairstylist to find the right shade that works with your skin tone—you’ll find yours somewhere between the coral and strawberry end of the spectrum.
  • Not a fan of all-over color? Gently ease yourself into the trend by dipping your ends in this hue or opting for strategic highlights. 
  • Keep your new color looking peachy all the time—pun intended—by adding a hydrating mask to your routine and leaving behind heated styling tools. 

Apart from peach fuzz color shirts and dresses, this coral hue also works well with several skin tones for natural glam. Here’s how:

  • For those with a warm peach color skin tone, it helps to opt for a more orange-hued take on this trend with a sunset-hued eyeshadow palette.
  • If you have a cooler undertone, it helps to opt for a pinker iteration of this color in your blush choices. 

From peach fuzz color dresses dresses to peach fuzz hair color, there are endless ways to get creative with this hue and make it your lucky color of the year 2024.

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