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9 Chic Pieces for Taller Figures to Add to Their Weekend Wardrobes

The key to dressing well for your shape lies heavily in picking the right proportions – but that can incur some trial and error. However, we’ve done the hard work for you. For taller women looking to find off-duty options to rotate into their wardrobe, we’ve taken style cues from Nadine Abdel Aziz. “Snug, tailored pieces work for my hourglass body type,” the 1.8m tall influencer says in our July/August issue.

“Stretchy materials hug my body, while soft fabrics like knits and silk blends gently drape over my curves. I love wearing low necklines, pencil skirts, and skinny jeans, especially paired with high heels to add extra length to my legs. I avoid low-rise pants since they make my hips look wider and my legs shorter.” Inspired by Abdel Aziz’s advice, we’ve put together an edit of 9 relaxed pieces that best flatter a tall body shape.

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