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Repossi Dedicates its New Ring to Raise Profits for The Lebanese Red Cross


The new Berbere Chromatic ring. Courtesy of Repossi

Following the tragic blast in Beirut on August 4, luxury brand Repossi has announced its support to the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) through donations from the sale of its new Berbere Chromatic ring. In a statement outlining its decision, the brand says “Lebanon is and always has been a very dear country to the Repossi Family. Repossi couldn’t stand still and not provide support in any kind of possible way.” With the symbol of Lebanon etched into its design, the ring will retail at AED 13,000 and will be available for purchase from mid- September.

Founded in 1945 as a humanitarian organization and auxiliary team to the medical service of the Lebanese Army, the LRC is one of the main providers of ambulance services in Lebanon. Having been one of the first organizations to provide emergency medical aid following the blast, the group is said to have sent out at least 75 ambulances and 375 paramedics in a bid to help the injured. Currently setting up first aid stations in and among the blast zone, the LRC intends to eventually reach all wounded civilians, including those trapped inside their homes.  Headquartered in Beirut, the group comprises a number of approximately 7,000 members, volunteers, and 200 staff personnel. Annually, they respond to more than 140,000 call outs and maintains a fleet of more than 300 ambulances. However, funding deficiencies over the years have resulted in every one in five calls going unattended.

Following the events of August 4, the LRC has communicated with the people of Beirut via social media, putting out calls for blood donations, and monetary contributions via Twitter and Instagram. As of August 6, the city’s death toll stands at 135, with over 5000 people having been injured, and 300,000 people left homeless.

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