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Praise Be: Nicki Minaj and Cardi B Have Brokered a Fragile Peace


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Here’s a tiny glimmer of good news in a sea of (literal trash): Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have brokered a fragile peace after a night of exchanging social-media cross fire, several weeks after reportedly nearly coming to physical blows at a New York Fashion Week after-party. With US midterms approaching, at least we can now put one major political contest to bed since the two rappers seem to have tentatively worked things out.

It would be impossible to recap all the bad blood that has occurred between Minaj and Cardi in the last few weeks, but here are the major points: If you remember, Cardi was seen leaving the aforementioned party with a huge lump on her forehead. Reports emerged that Cardi “lunged” at Minaj before security intervened, the result itself of a series of rumored slights and simmering tensions; later in the night Cardi posted on Instagram implying that Minaj had said something about her capabilities as a mother; a few days later Minaj denied the claim and talked about how she felt “humiliated” by the whole thing. Cue Queen Radio, Minaj’s SiriusXM show that debuted with her new album, Queen. Minaj has used Queen Radio a few times to address her fight with Cardi—on the latest episode, she said that it was her friend, Rah Ali (also Cardi’s former Love & Hip Hop costar), who punched Cardi, not security.

Cardi, in response, unleashed a series of 11 Instagram videos with her own versions of several of the claims Minaj made on her show. She started by calling out Minaj for saying she had footage of the party fight but also offering US$100,000 for it. But she didn’t stop there: Cardi addressed their disagreement over Minaj’s verse in the “Motorsport” video that they both guested on and even said that she believed Minaj had leaked her phone number after the party altercation. There were barbs traded about whether Cardi had first been asked to rap on a song from British girl group Little Mix. Minaj responded with tweets suggesting that they both take a lie-detector test (though it’s not clear exactly about what), prompting a response from . . . Maury Povich of The Maury Show.

You might find yourself saying, “But, wait, where is the peace? This just continues to stress me out.” Fear not; by the end of the night, Minaj switched gears, writing on Twitter, “Ok you guys, let’s focus on positive things only from here on out. We’re all so blessed. I know this stuff is entertaining & funny to a lot of people but I won’t be discussing this nonsense anymore. Thank you for the support & encouragement year after year. Love you. ♥️” Cardi—deep breath—responded on Instagram with a screenshot of Minaj’s enlightened pledge, agreeing to do the same: “@Nickiminaj alright then! Let’s keep it positive and keep it pushing!”

Will this fragile accord hold? Only time will tell, but with the political climate the way it is, it’s a relief to have one less heated debate to weigh in on.

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