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This Designer Will Donate All Proceeds to Ataya’s Cause

N Designs. Courtesy Ataya

N Designs. Courtesy Ataya

Naheel Alshubat, owner of N Designs has announced that all of the proceeds from her sales will go towards supporting this year’s Ataya cause. Supporting nurses in seven countries–the UAE, India, the Philippines, Egypt, Mauritania, Albania, and Bosnia–Ataya will offer 200 fully-funded scholarships to aspiring nurses in these countries. “Ataya has been an amazing platform that helped establish N Designs in the UAE and GCC markets and continues to do so every year,” starts Alshubat of the shopping exhibition. “Nursing has always been one of the most noble professions that demands an extraordinary amount of compassion and selflessness, and we came to realize the importance of it during their significant role as front-liners in the Covid-19 pandemic,” she comments. “Donating all of the proceeds this year is my way of giving back, especially since it is to a great cause.”

Ataya’s higher committee explains that this year’s charitable selection was largely based on the report by the World Health Organization, which proved the need for 6 million additional staff to work in the nursing field around the world. “Training and empowering aspiring nurses will contribute to providing the necessary healthcare to those who deserve it. And so we aim to provide knowledge to those who need it and support a new line of frontline workers who are competent and able to help fight the spread of the virus and end the pandemic,” states the Ataya higher committee. Under the umbrella of the UAE Red Crescent, Ataya has worked to support different programs aimed to “enhance human life, health, and education in countries facing a shortage in services in those fields,” adds the committee. Ataya, operating for ten years now, “seeks to support the capacities of humanitarian organizations and charities in those countries to play their role within their societies and spread the concept of giving and solidarity among different segments of society. Through our initiatives, we aspire to advance the global humanitarian mission undertaken by the United Arab Emirates under its wise leadership that has pushed the UAE to the forefront as a world-class international donor of humanitarian aid.” Ataya, Until May 31st

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