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Is there a Chanel and Frank Ocean Collaboration in the Works?

Photo: Rex

Last Friday, Frank Ocean dropped his first single since the release of his highly anticipated album Blonde in August, much to his fans’ delight. Titled simply “Chanel,” the R&B singer croons over a soulful beat: “I see both sides like Chanel, see on both sides like Chanel,” referencing the brand’s interlocking “C” logo. But here’s where it gets interesting: On Wednesday, the brand uploaded two cryptic photos to its Instagram account, both alluding to the artist.

The first image simply reads: “We see both sides like Frank” in graphic black and white, while the second features the words “Ocean” and “Land” over an image of the sea and a hand grasping a bottle of Chanel No.5. Each image is hashtagged #YouKnowMeAndYouDont, the title of Chanel’s Spring 2017 campaign, set to launch this month.

So what does this all mean? Is Ocean going to become the first-ever male brand ambassador for Chanel No.5? The idea isn’t all that farfetched, considering that Pharrell Williams recently became the first male face of Chanel handbags. Or perhaps there is an elaborate beauty line in the works? This, too, wouldn’t be surprising as Ocean has proven his makeup skills in his music video for Nikes, where he sports a glitter-doused face. Maybe we’re reading too much into it and Karl Lagerfeld simply enjoys the song. Only time will tell.

Pharrell Williams becomes the first male face of Chanel handbags.

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