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Covid-19 in the UAE: Government Releases Updated List of Rules and Fines Applicable

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Following a spike in Covid-19 cases, the government of the United Arab Emirates has released an updated list of Covid-19 related fines. According to the spokesperson for the Health Sector in UAE, Dr Farida Al Hosani, 88% of the detected Covid-19 cases were a result of large-scale gatherings such as weddings and funerals as well as the failure to abide by the precautionary measures such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

Read on below for the updated list of penalties applicable and the rules to still follow.

Not wearing a mask – AED 3,000

Wearing a mask has been one of the primary ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Either a disposable or reusable fabric mask must be worn at all times covering both the nose and the mouth. Failing to wear a mask will put your health and that of those around you at risk but it will also cost you a fine of AED 3,000.

Failing to maintain social distancing in public areas –  AED 3,000

Although most public places such as restaurants have strictly implemented measures to ensure social distancing, in some cases, residents have overlooked this precautionary measure. Failure to maintain a distance of at least two meters at all times and partaking in physical acts such as shaking hands, hugging, and kissing will be fined AED 3,000.

Number of passengers in a car – AED 3,000

Currently, only three people are allowed to travel in the same car at the same time, granted the passengers are wearing a mask. If more than three passengers are in the same car at the same time, they will be fined AED 3,000. This rule does not apply to immediate family members.

Family and social gatherings: organizers of public or private gatherings to be fined AED 10,000 and participants AED 5,000 each.

The authorities have urged residents to avoid hosting and attending public or private gatherings and to also limit them to a maximum of five people. Organizers of public or private get-togethers not following this rule will be fined AED 10,000 while participants will be fined AED 5,000.

Quarantine – AED 50,000

Quarantine is mandatory for anyone that has been in contact with or exposed to someone who is Covid-19 positive. Even if the PCR results come out as negative and you show no symptoms, you are still expected to quarantine and self-isolate. You must retake the test on the 14th day, and once the negative result comes out, you may then go out. Those failing to adhere to quarantine at home or at a medical facility will be fined AED 50,000.

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