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Celebrities Raise Their Voices, Join Citizens Protesting in Lebanon

Deteriorating economic situations, the announcement of new taxes, and other governance failures have caused massive protests to erupt in Lebanon. Amid the widespread rage, Lebanese celebrities Lana El Sahely, Nadine Njeim, Nathalie Fanj, and Aiisha Ramadan shared their wishes for their home country with Click play on the video below to find out what they have to say.

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The protests — which have now been going on for about four consecutive days — see citizens taking to the streets, waving flags, demanding a better living situation, and ultimately the resignation of the government.

On late Thursday, the demonstrations were triggered by Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s government planning on imposing a USD0.20 tax on calls made through WhatsApp. The plans were scrapped hours later while protestors remained on the streets, and in some places, clashes broke out between security personnel and demonstrators.

Celebrities hailing from Lebanon have also come together to join the protestors while using their platforms to raise a voice on the situation. Singer Elissa was one of the first to share her thoughts. “This is the first time that I wish I was in Lebanon, my heart is with you,” she wrote in one tweet and in another added, “I’m watching Lebanon in the news filled with pride. It’s time that the people get their dignity back.” Nancy Ajram who at the time was in Riyadh for her concert wrote, “Every moment and every beat of my heart is with my country. We deserve our right to live with dignity. May God protect Lebanon.”

Actor and former Miss Lebanon Nadine Nassib Njeim shared photos and videos of her from the protests with her 9.2 million Instagram followers and wrote, “May God protect the Lebanese youth. May He be with you and we stand as one in the face of corruption and parties and slogans and theft. We Lebanese don’t follow any party.” Adding: “We are with you, we went to the streets for Lebanon and we are not with any party.”Also joining the protests at Beirut’s Riad El Solh Square were Wissam Breidy, Lana El Sahely, and Nour Arida.

Here are some more Lebanese celebrities who showed their support via social media.

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