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Representing the Region: Sonia Ben Ammar and Sofia Boutella Join Black Lives Matter Protests

Sonia Ben Ammar, Black Lives Matter

Sonia Ben Ammar at a Black Lives Matter protest in Paris. Photo: Instagram/@itsnotsonia

Joining the ranks of their American counterparts; some of whom include Ariana Grande and Kehlani, Arab stars Sonia Ben Ammar and Sofia Boutella have taken to the streets in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Protesting the unlawful murder of 46-year old George Floyd, Ben Ammar and Boutella attended marches across France and the US respectively.

Taking to Instagram with a series of images from the protest, French-Tunisian model and singer, Sonia Ben Ammar told all 742,000 of her followers how proud she was of Paris, as well as other cities, for coming together “peacefully and unified.” In one photo, she can be seen holding up a placard that reads “I see you, I hear you, I stand with you #BlackLives Matter.”

The 21-year old was marching in solidarity with the American chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement, who are currently protesting the widespread issue of police brutality in their nation, while also demanding justice for Adama Traore, a Malian-French man who died in custody after being detained by the police in 2016.

Also in support of the movement was Sofia Boutella, the Franco-Algerian actress best known for her work in Atomic Blonde. Boutella joined demonstrations in both Hollywood and Los Angeles, once again taking to Instagram to memorialize the day’s proceedings.

Captioning the heart-rending video with words of love and support, Boutella wrote, “So much power and love on Hollywood Blvd. Today – 50,000+ people were out chanting, crying & dancing for peace. 6.7.2020. All 50 states & 18 countries have participated in #BlackLivesMatter protests, making this the largest civil rights movement in world history”

Also taking to the streets in solidarity with the movement was Moroccan-Egyptian-Dutch model Imaan Hammam, who earlier in the week attended protests unfolding in Amsterdam’s city square. Sharing powerful, poignant images of what is turning out to be a revolution in its own right, Hammam referenced the shared responsibility we all have in solving racism, injustice and inequality, noting, “this is not just an American issue, this is a human issue.”

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