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Amal Al Raisi Spring 2024 Showcases the Elegance, Authenticity, and Warm Spirit of Oman


Designer Amal Al Raisi at Oman Across the Ages Museum for her Spring 2024 collection show. Courtesy Amal Al Raisi

The drive alone to the Oman Across Ages Museum from central Muscat is a marvel of Omani beauty. From all sides, jagged mountainscapes jut up from the earth. Every few kilometres, they are peppered with white colored villages hugged by palm tree oasis. The scenes are breathtaking, and not just for their raw beauty, but also for the determination of the Omani people to inhabit their land.

Determination is something that Oman’s foremost designer Amal Al Raisi understands well. For 17 years, Al Raisi, who has a business background, has built a fashion house beloved of elegant women of Oman, the Gulf region, and beyond. This weekend, she invited them to join her at the Oman Across Ages Museum to showcase her Spring 2024 collection but also to launch a vital platform for Omani youth. Supported by Sohar International, the nascent Amal Al Raisi Fashion Design Graduate Program will offer ten Omani fashion graduates a year-long mentorship. “This is what is most important to me. The opportunity to share what I have learned with Omani youth,” states the designer. “When I started out, I had to learn everything myself,” she recalls. Having left her desk job in search of her true calling, almost two decades ago, Al Raisi found more time to nurture what she considered to be a budding hobby–designing dresses for her friends and family. “I just never stopped,” she smiles, her soft eyes emanating a quiet warmth.

Amal Al Raisi Spring 2024 collection showcased at Oman Across Ages Museum. Courtesy Amal Al Raisi

For the first time ever, Oman Across Ages Museum opened its doors to a designer, and Al Raisi humbly recognizes the impact on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Youth. “It is an honor and a dream come true,” she exclaims of the opportunity to present her collection at the museum. “Reflecting the Omani heritage in my collection is the USP of my brand. To present my collection inspired by the precious Omani history in a location where the valued Omani history is preserved is truly an honor.” In attendance were members of the Omani royal family and regional and international government officials including mental health advocate HH Sayyida Basma Al Said and HH Sayyida Wafa Al Busaidi, Minister of State the honorable State Council Member Lujaina Mohsin Darwish, Chairperson of ACERE Areej Mohsin Haider Darwish, Founder of Marsoliel Swiss Perfumes Maryam Àl Araîmi, French Ambassador to Oman HE Veronique Aulagnon, and Italian Ambassador to Oman Pierluigi D’Elia, among others.

The Amal Al Raisi Spring Summer ‘24 collection celebrates Oman’s storied maritime history, which incited trade with various nations. The fil rouge of the collection is the “Sabaiya,” a type of handmade weaving in Oman using traditional techniques from local materials including wool and cotton. This weave, which features a timeless stripe pattern is used to make traditional clothes and fabrics for both Omani men and women. It reflects the cultural and craftsmanship heritage of the Sultanate. The collection presented fluid fabrics, in contemporary silhouettes like skirts, blouses, flowing pant suits, and couture dresses with feminine details like soft ruffles and Al Raisi’s signature hand embroidery.

Amal Al Raisi Spring 2024 collection showcased at Oman Across Ages Museum. Courtesy Amal Al Raisi

Sabaiya originally arrived in Oman through cultural exchange with other regions in the Middle East and South Asia. Al Raisi explains that Oman shared ancient trade networks that connected different regions of the world, and this led to the transfer of cultures, technologies, and skills between people. Over the centuries, Oman was an important port on the southern coast of the Arabian Sea and was involved in trade with India, China, the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, and other regions. Through the flow of trade and culture, textile techniques related to the Sabaiya reached Oman and became a part of its cultural and craft heritage. “Today, Dar Al Herfya has a major role in preserving and developing Oman’s rich handicraft skills by supporting the families of the existing craftsmen and craftswomen across the Sultanate. In collaboration and guidance of Dar Al Herfya, a modern take on the Sabiaya is created and used throughout the SS24 Collection,” explains Al Raisi.

The Amal Al Raisi show, An Authentic Journey into Oman was made possible with the support of Sohar International, Omantel, Mohsin Haider Darwish, Marsoliel, Ministry of Heritage & Tourism, and SMEs Development Authority.


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