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Revealed: DDFC/Vogue Fashion Prize Accessories Finalists’ Spring 2017 Collections
Nathalie Trad Spring 2017. Photo courtesy of Nathalie Trad.

Nathalie Trad Spring 2017. Photo courtesy of Nathalie Trad.

Accessories designers Farah Nasri (Hooked | HKD), Nathalie Trad, Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf (Okhtein), Ralph Masri, and Roula Ghalayini (Rula Galayini) will soon compete for the 2016 DDFC/Vogue Fashion Prize in the accessories category in Dubai on October 31st. One designer will be selected by an international jury committee to take home a collective grant valued at US $250,000; receive mentorship; the opportunity to produce the winning collections for sale on; retail distribution at Browns Fashion (UK), Curve boutique (USA), and Al Ostoura (Kuwait); media coverage; and an advertising campaign.

The Fashion Prize judging panel consists of 11 industry experts from both the regional and international fashion community, and includes Dubai Design & Fashion Council (DDFC) CEO Nez Gebreel; Vogue Arabia CEO and Publisher Shashi Menon; Vogue Arabia Features Director Caterina Minthe; Farfetch Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Horton; Farfetch Executive Editor-at-Large Anya Ziourova; Chalhoub Group Joint CEO Patrick Chalhoub; Browns CEO Holli Rogers; Curve Boutique Founder Nevena Borissova; Al Ostoura Creative Director Ramzi Tabiat; and designers Zuhair Murad and Roland Mouret.

See the Fashion Prize accessories finalists’ collections below. The Fashion Prize womenswear ready-to-wear finalists’ collections are revealed here. 

Farah Nasri

“I worked on a tribal, sci-fi hybrid to produce Collection Tribijou. Inspired by Middle Eastern henna motifs and Bedouin ear embellishments, this collection uses classic materials, but is quite experimental. What interests me is how form reacts to the body, and how the body reacts to a form over time—blurring the line between body art and jewelry. I played with different geometries—hoops, flying discs, and futuristic forms—to draw on the body with expressive lines, solids, and gold silhouettes. The collection reflects my opinion on fine jewelry’s dialogue today. It also represents a build-up on the character and ongoing story of the HKD Girl who lives neither in the East nor the West, but creates her own dream world.”

Nathalie Trad

“For Spring 2017, I set off on a journey to a fictional city, a place I named Republic IV ZERO VI. My collection is inspired by an imagined sensory voyage across the city, a universe of fantasy and paradox, where modernity and old-world glamour unite. The aura—reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel—is one of a lost world, an imagined land of fantasy and yearning for the artisanal magic of bygone days. I am inspired by Anderson’s filtered view, replete with sumptuous materials, elaborate patterns, tactile textures, and artisanal details. Here, I attempt to weave my own language of symbolism. Notably, the wind rose that doubles as a beautiful ornament as well as a map to guide me on my magical journey. I bring the collection to life by infusing iridescent tones of mother of pearl with tangy chartreuse, dusty rose, hammered gold accents, and industrial steel. The collection of handcrafted, architectural wearable art is an escape from reality and the embodiment of my exploratory voyage.”

Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf

Nomadic Citizen is Okhtein’s reflection on the young generation’s new desire for constant change, and tends to the wanderlust culture that fuels the dreams of those spectating or posting on social media. This revival of Okhtein’s debut bag, The Dome, brings this Egyptian totem of culture to the world and showcases how Egyptian citizens create an elegant nomad wherever they may go. The brand’s philosophy is conceptualized while roaming through mosques, schools, warehouses, and small alleys that engulf the street from Bab Zuweila to Bab al-Futuh in the northern wall. Inspired by stucco decorations on mosque walls, Moorish arches, and intricate geometric patterns, the leather and brass collection reflects Old Cairo’s architecture that stands the test of time.”

Ralph Masri

“I named my collection Phoenician Script. The ancient Phoenician civilization—ancestors of the modern-day Lebanese—was known for its remarkable trading and seafaring achievements around the Mediterranean, and for creating and spreading the first form of the alphabet. Considered the precursor to most modern alphabets, it was characteristically incised with a stylus where the letters are uniquely angular and straight in shape. A tribute to this ancient alphabet and inspired by the unique geometry of its letters, this collection brings the written script to life with a sense of timelessness and sophistication.”

Roula Ghalayini

“Today’s generation is more liberated and self-entitled than ever. It is in a dynamic overdrive, questioning expectations, pushing norms, and challenging the status quo. Called “Dynamic Duality,” this collection highlights the design principles of color, form, and perspective to respond to this generation’s call for change. The collection revisits the function of forms, mixes materials once deemed non-harmonious, and challenges the idiosyncrasies of industrial metal. Dynamic Duality celebrates choice and the freedom of self-expression.”

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