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How to Master the Art of Layering Necklaces

Why stop at one necklace when you can curate your very own collection by mastering the art of layering?

Both eclectic and with a nod to bohemianism, layering unexpected pairings such as a dainty gold shell with a fine gold chain with a nostalgic pendant, can lead to a delightful vintage-inspired mash-up — perfect for a well-traveled nonchalant summer look. There is no doubt this is a particularly persistent trend, and some of us will remember the pain of tangled chains from the first time around. Don’t despair, for learning how to experiment with different lengths and contrasts is all part of the fun. Firstly, carefully measure your desired length of each necklace so that each chain sits neatly above or just below the other in a cascade effect. It is imperative to look carefully at differing weights and textures of chain: explore cable, rope, snake, bead, and differing link lengths. Not only will this reduce the risk of tangling but it will give a more interesting contrast on the neckline. Odd numbers tend to work better than even, and don’t be afraid to mix materials.

Scroll through the gallery above for our edit of necklaces to invest in now.

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