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Meet the Egyptian Designer who Dressed Jennifer Lopez for Her First Concert in Egypt

Jennifer Lopez performing in Egypt. Courtesy of Nagwa Zahran

It’s red, it sparkles and — like it or not — it took over the internet. Last weekend, Jennifer Lopez performed for the first time in Egypt, in the country’s North Coast, in a sold-out arena. Even before setting foot on stage, the Waiting for Tonight singer was already in the epicenter of a media frenzy, as her It’s My Party Tour passed by Israel previously. But even with all the criticism around it, Lopez blew the crowd away, singing her most famous hits. And surprise! She wore for the first time, a look by an Egyptian designer, a milestone for the local industry as the performer previously favored only Lebanese labels. spoke to Nagwa Zahran, the designer behind the look that divided so many people online but was undoubtedly the talk of the town.

How did you have the opportunity of dressing J Lo for the concert in Egypt?
Since I knew J Lo is coming to Egypt this summer, and since I was a sponsor of the whole event, I decided to contact her and show her my work, aiming that she’d love it and accept to wear one of my pieces. And my dream came true! She also took the other four outfits.

Sketch of the dress worn by Jennifer Lopez. Courtesy of Nagwa Zahran

What was your inspiration for the dress?
I was mainly inspired by her as a person. I wanted to design a dress that matched her strong personality and her lively dynamic spirit.

Did J Lo also participate, or had a say in the design? What was her reaction when she saw the piece ready?
Yes, she did. We sent her several sketches to pick from. She also gave us her color preferences.

Since this is a dress for a performance — and with J Lo dancing — were there any special details you had to think of? 
Yes, of course, we had to think of easiness to wear for the time constraint in changing dresses, as well as a dress that is glamorous but still easily performed with.

Jennifer Lopez performing in Egypt. Courtesy of Nagwa Zahran

What impact do you think dressing J Lo will have in your career?
I dressed a lot of celebrities before, in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East. I think dressing J Lo has added great value to my brand. I am so proud that I am the first Egyptian to dress J Lo. Not only that, but also that she took four more outfits.

J Lo got some negative press since she performed before in Israel. Were you concerned that this could overshadow your collaboration? 
No, not at all. Politics has nothing to do with fashion.

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