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Saudi Fine Jewelry Designer Nadine Attar Shares on Her New Timeless Collection

Nadine Attar, Saudi Jewelry Designer

Nadine Attar. Supplied

Saudi Arabian jewelry designer Nadine Attar has always been passionate about her work. Her inner drive is inherited from her father, who has been in the luxury accessories field for over 40 years. After realizing her true desire, the designer quit her long-term banking job to establish Nadine Jewellery. Since the launch in 2018, Nadine’s brand has been making its mark in the fine jewelry world.

Speaking to about her journey as a jewelry designer, Nadine said, “I started jewelry design as a hobby around 7 years ago, but I have always been a designer one way or the other. Even during my banking experience, my job was to create, design, and launch digital experiences. Guess it’s meant to be!”

Nadine Attar, Saudi Jewelry Designer, Sirr Collection 3

Nadine Attar’s latest Sirr collection. Supplied

Although Nadine is a third-generation luxury entrepreneur, her creativity is drawn from 19th-century poets. “One of the closest pieces to my heart is the pendant I created for the Rouh collection, which is engraved with Kahlil Gibran’s poetry… what makes it special is that it is inscribed with an affirmation that I strongly believe in; which makes it a nice daily reminder,” Nadine confesses.

Nadine’s brand consists of high jewelry accessories for both women and men. Her slogan, “crafting memories for generations to come” motivates all her collections. The designs are inspired by nature, spirituality, and culture, with each piece handcrafted in Italy. Nadine’s new collection Sirr was recently showcased at the UN Women and The Alwaleed Philanthropies Charity tea event.

Nadine Attar, Saudi Jewelry Designer, Sirr Collection

Nadine Attar’s latest Sirr collection. Supplied

Nadine discusses the influence behind her new line, “Sirr is very special to me because it revives an old deserted Victorian trend which are lockets. The first locket ever made was for Queen Victoria; she set the trend. That on its own is inspiring, and I wanted to revive it in a more modern customizable way honoring the message and philosophy behind lockets.”

The lockets are also customizable, “we offer customizing engravings from the inside, shapes, and colors from the outside, types, and colors of stone.” The brand aims to create unique and timeless pieces for each individual that can be passed on over generations.

The Saudi fine jewelry brand gained fame quickly and within a short amount of time, Nadine’s pieces were seen on top models Alessandra Ambrosio and Isabelle Goulart. So, where does Nadine see her label in the next ten years? “I hope I’m on my way to pay the brand’s Manhattan boutique a visit,” she says.

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