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Trying To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? Let This Moroccon Shoe Label Help You Get Started

Zyne shoes

“Our local community of women in Morocco has been at the heart of our vision since the beginning of our adventure,” shares Laura Pujol, co-founder of shoe brand Zyne. “We prefer to work with small, local service providers and suppliers because it reduces our carbon footprint and ensures that we are contributing to our local economy.” While exotic skins are on the rise among the major fashion houses, Zyne’s new capsule of python-print kitten heels are resolutely faux.

Zyne Shoes

The founders argue that when the impact of exotic skins on the environment and the animals themselves is considered then – like with faux fur – there should be no taboo to using faux exotic skins. “We are part of a generation facing ethical and environmental challenges and concerns that go far beyond simply bringing designs to life,” states co-founder Zineb Britel. “As entrepreneurs with creative ideas and professional goals, our vision extends to the ethical realm. We cannot close our eyes to global issues.” They express that concerning wildlife conservation, economic transparency, and supply chain traceability, the fashion world is sometimes ambiguous in that it’s a big material consumer. “It is also the perfect domain by which to tackle some of these issues and open up a discourse around having a positive ecological and social impact,” Britel concludes.

Originally published in February 2019 issue of Vogue Arabia.

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