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This Moroccan Designer is Behind Gigi Hadid’s Headwear


Gigi Hadid recently stepped out with her sister Bella in a show-stopping wide-brimmed black hat with coiling boa snake. The man behind the headwear is Moroccan Youssef Lahlou. The designer shares with Vogue Arabia that the Panama Boa hat worn by Hadid is 100% made by hand and features a leather snake with silver jewelry accents. The hats are made at Lahoul’s New York atelier–“the same way Chanel hats are made and Maison Michel–hand-blocked,” quips the designer. Born in Casablanca and based in New York, Lahlou explores his artisanal craft with an avant-garde vision.


Along with Panama and Raffia hats featuring coiling snakes, there is the claw hat, hats decorated with semi-precious stones. His future plans revolve around expanding points of sale. For the moment, you can shop the brand on

Youssef Lahlou

Moroccan hat designer Youssef Lahlou

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