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Morena’s New Footwear Collection Aims to Break the Status Quo

Morena Spring 2021. Photographed by Yulia Kem

Change, disruption, and a brand new look – Egyptian footwear brand Morena’s new Spring/Summer shoe collection has it all. Aptly titled “A Disruption,” the line features fully handmade footwear embellished with Swarovski crystals at an elevated yet accessible price point.

Lead-free Swarovski crystals are front and center in this collection. From fringe to straps, the range hones in on craftsmanship with each piece featuring genuine and sustainable leathers. Egyptian designers and co-founders Youssef Mamdouh and Omar El Deeb were inspired by ritzy, high-glam evenings, and sultry daytime occasions for the line, borrowing motifs from palm trees to skyscrapers against a palette combining light pastels and dark hues.

Morena Spring 2021. Photographed by Yulia Kem

“We believe that sustainability is a journey and we should not have to compromise style or quality to achieve this goal,” Mamdouh tells Vogue Arabia. He adds that sustainability for their brand has many facets, including limited production and handcrafted pieces made by local artisans. “Limited production truly lends itself to style as we can focus on craftsmanship, trends, and design due to each piece being fully handmade. We do not overwhelm our artisans with the need to create too many pieces at once, as this tends to sacrifice quality and innovation,” he explains.

Morena Spring 2021. Photographed by Yulia Kem

Founded in 2020, Morena maintains classic silhouettes to provide longevity and wearability, but stays on trend by utilizing techniques, materials, and color palettes that are fitting for the relevant season. The crystal pairs in this collection take over 72 hours of handwork, using materials that are free from harmful dyes, which lends itself to quality and the wearer’s safety.

Morena Spring 2021. Photographed by Yulia Kem

Due to the brand’s close-knit production process, customized pieces are offered without creating any waste, and are packaged luxuriously yet consciously. “As part of our sustainability journey, we are working towards creating a new packaging concept that includes usability as home decor as well as packaging that is fully recyclable and created from recyclable materials,” Mamdouh adds.

The collection is available on Morena’s website and in retail stores in Cairo, the North Coast, and El Gouna.

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