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Modest Muse: Here’s Who To Follow For Street Style Inspiration

On our radar, this Ramadan, Hijabi models, and influencers continue to lead the way in modest fashion-forward style. With inspirational looks for the Holy Month and beyond, these women offer a fresh take on covered-dressing. Whether your Ramadan wardrobe needs refreshing, or you’re looking for alternative ways to make modest chic, look to Saudi-based Instagrammer Nia Amroun, rising Finnish-Somali model Salma J (a.k.a Streetjabi), and “visual communicator” Leena Al Ghouti, who always looks chic in Celine-esque suiting and turtlenecks. Click through for the best of the best in modest, streetwear-infused style.



Hanan Abdi Ibrahim, @iamxanaan
Ikram Abdi Omar, @ikramabdi
Mariah Idrissi, @mariahidrissi
Salma J, @salmajj


Rawdah Mohammed, @rawdis
Leena Al Ghouti, @leenalghouti
Fatuma Yusuf, @thisgirlfatuma
Aisha, @missbatmaan
Hodan Yousuf, @hodanyousuf
Maria Alia, @mariaalia
Basma Kahie, @basma_k
Nabilah Kariem Peck, @nabilahkariem
Meryem Kaygusuz, @meryemkaygusuzz
Nia Amroun, @niaamroun
Menna El Sonny, @menna_el_sonny
Saira Arshad, @shazaira

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