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Follow These Instagram Influencers Now for The Ultimate Modest Fashion Inspiration

A simple search on Instagram shows that there are 1.8 million posts with the hashtag #modestfashion, leading us to understand how big the audience is for modern covered-up style. The internet is buzzing with young modest bloggers and influencers, each representing a humble style tribe, proving that modest fashion is rapidly on the rise in the public eye. These young women don’t
only operate as fashion icons of our time, they also run business and lead lives of powerful women that simply are in charge. We have listed the sublime ladies to follow on Instagram today:

Leena Al Ghouti, @leenalghouti

With her signature over the shoulder shayla drape, Leena Al Ghouti has captured everyone’s attention with her chic but edgy sense of style. This Dubai based Palestinian-Canadian style icon knows how to pair androgynous laid back looks with glamorous designer bags, making her the boss of modest effortless street style. Mega-brands have proved to love her style, and so do we.


Imane Asry, @fashionwithfaith

Known for her Scandinavian layering game, Stockholm-based Imane Asry is a true minimalist. The Swedish-Moroccan has a thing for warm earthy tones, her outfits are polished by combining various lengths, perfect for everyone who wants to layer up for all occasions. Alasry is the one to keep an eye on for Scandi-inspired modest looks with a touch of cool femininity.


Melanie Elturk, @hautehijab

Founder of the luxury hijabi brand Haute Hijab, Melanie Elturk has gained a strong following from her business venture which started as a side project to her full-time job. “When we started wearing the hijab, my friend and I made a pact: We weren’t going to let the hijab hold us back in any way. We would still be ourselves, and be as loud, obnoxious, funny and vivacious as we typically were,” Elturk said in an interview with M.M.LaFleur. Her feed is a curation of pastel candy colored outfits and high-end hijabs in top-quality materials.


Ruba Zai, @hijabhills

Known for her business empire Hijabi Hills, Ruba Zai knows how to travel the world and color coordinate her wardrobe and Instagram feed to each angle of the globe. With her worldly style and beauty inspiration, she combines luxury with high-street, while making covering mother duties look like a breeze.


Saufeeya Bint Goodson, @saufeeya

Saufeeya Goodson has become the voice of modest fashion conscious women. The young woman believes a hijab is the way a woman speaks, acts and carries herself. Living in Dubai, the American-Moroccan’s trendy and lush sense of style is inspired by her stylish mother and grandmother.

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