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Naomi Campbell Pays Tribute to Alaïa During Vogue Loves Fashion Avenue

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell takes a moment outside the Alaïa store in The Dubai Mall. Image courtesy of Hyku

Following her visit to Tunisia this week to see the final resting place of Azzedine AlaïaNaomi Campbell last night took a moment outside the Alaïa store at The Dubai Mall. Attending the Vogue Loves Fashion Avenue launch party on Wednesday evening, the supermodel walked through the lifestyle destination greeting guests. However, upon catching a glimpse of the boutique, she strolled over before taking a moment to gaze inside and appreciate the work of the late couturier whom she called “papa”. Alaïa, whose designs became synonymous with the glamour of the 1980s, passed away on November 18, 2017, in Paris, aged 82.

The designer became a father figure to Campbell, after first meeting when the model was just 16. After welcoming the runway star into his home for dinner while she was in Paris, Alaïa took Campbell under his wing, helping to nurture her throughout her career. “Azzedine saw something in me and taught me to have confidence,” the model told the Independent back in 1998. “I didn’t know how to do runway when I started modeling, but he believed in me. That brought attention from other designers, and is kind of how I became known – because other designers heard of this little girl Azzedine was working with.”

The British supermodel opened up about her relationship with Alaïa in her cover story for the November issue of Vogue Arabia, revealing his death shook her to the core. “I miss him so much,” Campbell said. “People say the business is fickle but I’ve found a second family. I cherish my friendships of 32 years and I’m so happy that I can pick up the phone and go to dinner with people I’ve known for that long. It’s the trust and bond that’s unconditional.”

This was Campbell’s first appearance ahead of her talk this evening at The Dubai Mall, as part of Vogue Loves Fashion Avenue, a 10-day celebration that marks the lifestyle destination’s 10th anniversary. Taking to our custom-created main stage in The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, the star — who boasts three decades at the top of her game — will open up about her wide-reaching career in discussion with Vogue Arabia’s Editor-in-Chief, Manuel Arnaut.

A Night With Supermodel Naomi Campbell will begin at 7pm on Thursday, November 15, at the Vogue Loves Fashion Avenue main stage at The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue. Spaces are limited and on a “first come, first served” basis. For more information about Vogue Loves Fashion Avenue, including a list of exclusive talks with celebrities and style icons, masterclasses from industry experts, and live performances, click here

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