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Mochi’s Ayah Tabari and Soraya Bakhtiar on Keeping it Real

All Things Mochi

Influencer Soraya Bakhtiar and All things Mochi designer Ayah Tabari. Courtesy All Things Mochi

Stylish, funny, talented, successful. All Things Mochi designer Ayah Tabari and influencer Soraya Bakhtiar sit down together in Dubai for a real girl talk and reveal that, just like us, they have their insecurities and that life is better with a friend to lean on.


AYAH TABARI: Firstly from Instagram, you probably think I am the most outspoken, loud person. Well, I am, but I also suffer from really bad anxiety. At the beginning of the year it was so bad that I went on a meditation retreat. It really helped me, and I have promised myself that I will do this once a year from now on.

SORAYA BAKHTIAR: I also suffer from anxiety and traveling tends to disrupt my mental wellbeing, which is why I’ve decided to spend a bit more time at home from now on. It helps me to clear my head and stay balanced. I’m a shy person, in spite of what most people think. I find it hard to be so exposed at times. Especially when it comes to videos or public speaking.


AT: I would definitely be working in charity. I would love to help children in need and help them to achieve a better quality of life.

SB: I have always been obsessed with fragrance. If I wasn’t in fashion, I would be in the perfume industry, creating intricate and unique scents. Lately, I’ve been pursuing courses in that field and I’m really enjoying this whole new world.

All Things Mochi

All things Mochi designer Ayah Tabari and influencer Soraya Bakhtiar. Courtesy All Things Mochi


SB: Instagram is a way for me to share my travels and love for fashion, but I have to admit that I find it overwhelming to constantly having to update my page with interesting content. There are days where I’m not inspired so I’ll post an old picture. I’m also on the more discreet side when it comes to Instagram stories. You’ll never hear me talk and share every single moment of my life, I find it too intrusive, so in that regard I’m very much in control of what I chose to share. Moments with my family, friends, or boyfriend are kept private.

AT: I agree. Mochi started with Instagram and I can’t believe there are now 108k people following it but I do feel the same way. I love that this platform has enabled my brand to grow, but sometimes I feel the pressure to always be fun, witty, and out there. There is constant pressure to come up with new content and some people are negative, which I take as a personal attack against my work. Basically, we are two girls who love the industry but feel the pressure!


AT:  I love food, love it – there isn’t much I don’t like. Pizza, sushi, everything. Louay, my husband, is in food so it kind of makes sense.

SB: I’m obsessed with Ketchup. Sometimes I’ll just have pasta and ketchup when I’m at home. I know it sounds gross, but I’ve been doing this for years and it’s my guilty pleasure.

All Things Mochi

Influencer Soraya Bakhtiar and All Things Mochi designer Ayah Tabari. Courtesy All Things Mochi


SB: Sometimes I dream of leaving everything behind to experience the island life.

AT: Me too! but I wouldn’t be able to leave Mochi behind, I really want to open a boutique hotel somewhere in the world but not quite sure of the location just yet. Also, I love to dance. It’s my happy place.

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