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This Emirati Jewelry Label has Launched a Limited Edition Collection with Robinsons

The MKS Jewellery and Robinsons Collection. Courtesy of MKS Jewellery

Helmed by HH Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan, MKS Jewellery has teamed up with the retail giant Robinsons on an exclusive capsule collection. Inspired by the summer season, the limited-edition jewelry collection boasts vibrancy and bright hues by using rainbow-colored natural gems which are both sourced and handmade in Dubai.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings in the 14-piece collection are also playful reinventions of the label’s most popular pieces – Girl Code, Geogami, Al Otaiba, and Floating Gems. To find about more about the collaboration and HH Sheikha Mariam’s relationship with jewelry, we caught up with the designer herself.

How did you find your passion for jewelry?

I don’t think that people find their passion, I think it’s more about a journey of discovery by finding what you love most in life. The journey is an adventure in itself, and I feel very blessed to have a business that truly is my passion! Jewelry has been a part of my life ever since I can remember, it all began when I would go through my mum’s jewelry box. She had so many different pieces, which all had their own meaning and this is what really resonated with me even as a young girl. The sentiment that jewelry can be special as it has a story and a meaning has since stuck with me and is an integral part of the MKS brand.

The MKS Jewellery and Robinsons Collection. Courtesy of MKS Jewellery

What is the story behind your brand?

The need to express myself and share sentiment was why MKS started, in 2013, I designed a series of as little thoughts gifted to my friends, the ‘Little Hearts’ which still exist today. I wanted to create pieces with a story, everything changes but stories are timeless and so valuable for that reason. MKS was born from the idea of keeping your story alive. When jewelry is handed down from generation to generation, it’s meaning grows stronger and it becomes a story that never ends. This is the inspiration behind the brand and something I keep in mind when creating all my pieces.

What is your earliest memory with jewelry and what does it mean to you?

Since I can remember, my mother kept a jewelry box for all the gifts we received as children. We would choose what we wanted to wear to special visits and parties, and it became important to me very early on. With our choice, we heard about the stories of how we got the piece, who we got it from. Characters inspired us, entertained us and built a connection between their story, the piece itself and me.

To me, jewelry represents self-expression and storytelling. It can be very symbolic, whether a piece of jewelry is a gift for yourself or for someone special to you, it always holds a special meaning.

The MKS Jewellery and Robinsons Collection. Courtesy of MKS Jewellery

What inspires you?

Not one specific thing inspires me. As Pablo Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” I try to look for inspiration around me based on what message I want to share. I look at the women and girls around me, I’m inspired by all generations, it’s so beautiful how jewelry is truly part of a woman’s life here and so it tells her story in such a complex way. I love that.

How does your heritage as an Arab woman show in your designs?

I try to incorporate elements of my heritage in most of my designs. It is most clearly shown in our ‘Al Otaiba’ Collection – which is a collection based on the stories of my great grandfather Ahmed bin Khalaf bin Abdulla Al Otaiba. Designed with a modern and subtle reinterpretation on heritage Emirati jewelry using Emirati Pearls and Mother of Pearl combined with gemstones. What I find interesting is being an insider to the heritage of an Arab woman I feel comfortable breaking boundaries or simply simplifying the traditional aesthetic, it feels quite natural to evolve the classic without thinking too much about each aspect. You see that throughout the collection, be it in the intended handmade finishing of the jewelry, the graphic geometric lines.

The MKS Jewellery and Robinsons Collection. Courtesy of MKS Jewellery

How did the partnership with Robinsons come about?

Robinsons is a key stockist for us and we have been working with them since last season. When they asked whether we would be interested in curating an exclusive collection in partnership with Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), we jumped at the opportunity – not only is it the largest department store in the UAE, but it’s also so iconic. Robinsons have truly been a huge support for us in terms of championing the brand and helping to create further awareness amongst their loyal clientele, which we are forever grateful for. What’s great about Robinsons is they offer something for everyone, whether that’s the latest ready to wear collection straight off the runway or the must-have beauty essentials and accessories that really make a statement. We wanted to curate a collection that’s unique, fun and playful and we’re delighted to be presenting this capsule this at Robinsons, exclusively for the summer.

The MKS Jewellery and Robinsons Collection. Courtesy of MKS Jewellery

What can you tell us about your new collection?

We have launched an exclusive collection with Robinsons for DSS for the summer. The capsule ‘Summer Jewels and Happy Thoughts’ holds 14 iconic MKS pieces transformed to vibrant ultra-colorful creations. We felt there was no better way to hold on to the feeling of summer as all the pieces are still very timeless as all the gemstones untreated and natural. Having our collection showcased at Robinsons alongside some of the most amazing brands from international to local is a really exciting opportunity for us and we can’t wait to introduce MKS to a wider clientele that love and adore jewelry as much as we do.

What is next for your brand?

Growth and new markets we look to push through with that. You will also be seeing us take experience and storytelling much further. Charities and social initiatives because I believe in doing and giving just as much. We are so proud to call Robinsons home for MKS Jewellery, we are also working on a lot of fun projects with them so keep an eye out on our Instagram account to stay updated.

The collection will be Exclusively available at Robinsons Dubai Festival City and for a limited time.

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