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Metallic Pants: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying and Wearing the Statement Piece

As we head into festive season, shiny bags, shoes and clothes tend to become a must. And why not? Shiny wardrobe pieces make a statement, and we’ve seen them time and again on celebrities and fashion It girls. In fact, it seems that in particular, silver pants are street style winners, finding their way at events across the globe, including fashion weeks. But what are the best metallic pants styles out there? And how do you style this statement piece once you’ve added it to your closet? Find out more below.

Chanel resort 2024; Gigi Hadid; Isabel Marant spring/summer 2023. Photo:

What colors are metallic colors?

While it may seem like the answer to this one is obvious, quite a few people seem to have the wrong idea about what qualifies as a metallic hue. Often, the assumption is that metallics equal to naturally-occuring hues like silver, gold and bronze. But in the realm of fashion, any color, when treated to reflect light the way polished metal does, can count as metallic. From pink to green and blue — the world is your oyster. So when you think of shopping for metallic pants, remember that you don’t need to box your options in to just a few tones. You can choose to go as subtle or loud as you like.

How to wear metallic pants

Shiny bags, shoes and clothes always make a statement, but shimmering trousers have sealed their spot as fashion favorites for their versatility. Once you’ve found yourself a pair that flatters your body shape and personal style, the options are endless. Below, we take you through some of the separates that work best with shiny metallic pants.

What to wear with metallic pants

  • White shirt: Ready to give formal wear a funky spin? Try pairing your pants with a crisp white shirt. You can even switch your classic button-down for a slouchy, oversized piece for an edgier finish.
  • Black blouse: Black works well with all metallic pieces, and makes a great choice for evening celebrations in particular. Tuck your favorite ebony blouse into your metallic trousers for your next night out, and get ready to receive lots of compliments.
  • T-shirt: Shiny pants are statement-makers on their own, so the easiest way to make them appropriate for casual outings is to match them with a pared down staple like your favorite T-shirt. Try this on your next weekend outing.
  • Matching metallic blouse: For go-big-or-go-home occasions, there’s nothing like a matching metallic-on-metallic ensemble. Pair your shiny pants with a top in the same hue for a streamlined look, or mix and match shades for even more drama.

Metallic pants: Different types to own, from subtle to statement

Metallic jeans

Metallic jeans have long been a street style favorite. Not only do they give everyone’s favorite casual staple a bold new look, they also make the perfect choice for anyone who’s trying the metallic trend for the first time.

  • While classic blue jeans with a metallic finish are a favorite, one can always update the look further by opting for distressed denims, or jeans with added embellishment.
  • The next step in this casual-meets-bold trend may just be metallic gray jeans.
  • Pair with a classic white T-shirt for a look that pops without seeming overthought.
  • Below, three pairs of metallic jeans worth investing in.

Le High Straight metallic cropped high-rise straight-leg jeans, Frame


Metallic high-rise tapered organic jeans, Ganni

White metallic pants

Less dramatic that molten silver pants, but not as plain as your ivory linens, white metallic pants  give silvers and golds a more sophisticated spin with their pearly appearance.

  • These bottoms are the perfect pick for those who may be walking the metallics route for the first time, as they tend to have a more subtle shine effect than molten metal pieces.
  • What matches white metallic pants? Bringing together two universal colors (white and silver), these trousers shouldn’t be too challenging to pair with favorites in your closet. Go with whites, blacks and blues for formal occasions.
  • You can also play with pinks and greens if you’re in the mood for some color.
  • Below, three pairs of white shiny pants worth investing in.

Metallic high-rise wide-leg pants Altuzarra


Silver leather trousers Maje

Black and silver metallic pants

Out of all the shades available out there, metallic silver pants are universal favorite, mainly because of their wearability. Take it from us: You’ll never fail with a pair of silver metallic faux leather pants.

  • A similar and equally wearable option that promises to stand the test of time: shiny black pants. Here’s a pair of trousers that blend the functionality of classic hues with the drama of metallics. A great way to bring both elements together is to opt for brocade trousers.
  • For a more fashion-forward look, opt for high-waist metallic straight-leg trousers. High-waisted bottoms immediately add length to legs, creating a more model-esque silhouette.
  • While full length high-waist metallic trousers are a common choice, you can even go with cropped cuts for an unexpected look. Ready to experiment even further? Skip the straight leg silhouettes for a flared cut.
  • Thanks to their color palettes, both silver and black metallic pants are incredibly easy to style. Pair with black accessories and you’re good to go.
  • Below, three pairs of black and silver pants worth investing in.

Metallic brocade skinny pants, Etro


Night glow high-rise straight-leg trousers, Forte Forte


Striped metallic leather straight-leg pants, Remain Birger Christensen

Gold pants

Here’s a piece that was made for anyone who likes to make head turns. A gold pants outfit promises that you’ll have all eyes on you, so make sure you’re up for the challenge.

  • With gold metallic pants, the flexibility of your look lies in the texture you go with. Opt for dull gold or even rose gold pants if you’re looking for subtle extravagance, or douse yourself in sequins with embellished trousers to really make a bang.
  • What matches with gold pants? Go for tops and accessories in shades of black and burgundy for a sophisticated finish.
  • Gold pants are ideal for special occasions like New Year’s Eve. Pair with matching gold accessories and you’re set for your next big night.
  • Below, three pairs of gold pants worth investing in.

Metallic straight-leg trousers, Tom Ford


Plissé wide-leg pants in satin, Semsem


Sequinned flared trousers, Rabanne

Jewel tone metallic pants

Worn gold pants before and ready to try something even bolder? It’s time for you to invest in metallic pants in an unexpected color.

  • Take your obsession with glistening hues to new heights with a pair of pop pink metallic pants, or go with similarly strong jewel tones like sapphire blue and emerald green.
  • If you’re unsure about how to style your vibrant pants, go with a simple top in a neutral color.
  • If you’re ready to go all-out with your ensemble, consider pairing your metallic pants with a blouse in the same color palette — but with a matte effect. This creates an ensemble that celebrates the tone-on-tone look in a fresh new manner.
  • Below, three pairs of jewel tone pants worth investing in.

Lupe Magenta metallic faux leather trousers, Wolf & Badger

Metallic snake-print wide-leg pants, Oséree

Sequined wide-leg trousers, Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini

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