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Did you Spot Meghan Markle’s Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings?

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was recently seen sporting a pair of diamond earrings with an interesting twist. Not straying from her character, Markle continued her eco-friendly fashion journey by donning sustainable diamonds created by Kimai, a London-based brand which creates ethically produced pieces of jewelry.

The brand actually grows their precious gems in a lab. The stones offer the exact same quality and purity of mined diamonds but at a lower cost to the environment, proving to be a scientific breakthrough. Kimai diamonds are produced by mimicking the environmental conditions required to create a diamond (carbon dioxide, high temperature, and high pressure) in a controlled lab setting.

“Kimai diamonds are much kinder to the planet. Because mining diamonds displaces land, wastes water and pollutes the air. Not to mention puts a strain on local communities. So, by doings things differently, we want to help make a world that’s more sustainable, ethical and fair. We chose style and we chose luxury,” reads the statement on their website.

The jewelry is carefully created in Antwerp, Belgium utilizing 18k gold, staying true to the Diamond Capital of the World.

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